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USA  November, 2009

Distributor Spotlight:
Shelley Kramer, Crystal Executive

What inspired you to become a Neways member?

I wanted to do something for others to help them avoid what my Mom and I went through. I found out about the questionable ingredients in daily used products in 1997 and was totally shocked and sickened by this information. I started researching everything I could on these ingredients, only to find the facts were the truth about their controversy. Everything I was using in and on my body and in my home had questionable ingredients that could be avoided

How has your life changed since you joined Neways?
My life has changed from using Neways products because my body and skin are healthier, you can see it in the appearance of my skin and body. I feel comfortable I am using safety-conscious and healthy products now for the past 12 years. I truly enjoy almost all of the products, I love my upline, Michael, Davolio, who is always there for me, I enjoy the company of other distributors, the corporate staff, conventions and all the great and responsive support from everyone who works for Neways.

I also love sharing the message with every one in the 3 foot rule (as long as I am not with my family) about avoiding questionable ingredients. Most of the time the message it falls on deaf ears and heads in the sand.

Neways has inspired me to push forward and educate as many people on this subject as I can, and to help others by using the safety-conscious, healthy, affordable products from Neways.

I have had health concerns for a while and the Neways supplements really enhance my diet especially when I don’t eat as healthy as I should. Maximol Solutions®, Durian Fusion®, Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni®, NewVera®, some of my favorite daily nutritionals.

What is the one product that you recommend every one try and why?
I believe Maximol Solutions® minerals are one of the best on the market and everyone should be taking them. I feel it does give the body what it needs in minerals, to support my health. I feel great when I take Maximol Solutions® and always feel better with more stamina after taking it.*

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone who is thinking about becoming a Neways member?
Everyone should try the Neways products. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining and becoming a Neways product user and/or business developer. All the products are those that everyone already buys and uses in their daily lives anyway, from any store, they might as well buy from our own store and get paid back for products we buy.

Michael D’Avolio, Shelley’s upline says of her, “Shelley is a passionate Neways distributor. She is very knowledgeable about the products and mission and uses that knowledge to build a successful business and strong retail base.”

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