Nutrition Chat: Re: chemicals in personal hygiene and beauty products From Tom O'Brien

Hi Healthseekers:

Yes, I am fully aware of the known health risks associated with chemicals used in the cosmetics industry. In fact, so did the US Congress after decades of abuse in the early 20th century by the then unregulated cosmetics industry.
As you are aware, our US Congress saw fit to pass into law sweeping legislation to correct the abuses of the cosmetics industry. The first legislation was introduced in 1906 as the Food & Drug Act signed by President Teddy Roosevelt.
Ironically, Teddy's first cousin, Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt signed the second major reform bill incorporating cosmetics in 1938.

As we both know, in Washington, Money & Power are the staples of industry and our US Congress is for sale! Despite cries for REFORM, every major bill to reform "Special Lobbying" has been defeated by the very same elected
representatives that promised major reforms. Our own President violates the scared oath of office almost daily offering our defense secrets for sale to China, opens trade relations with the most oppressive government on Earth on
human rights issues and makes no secret of his campaign financing charades.

There is little hope of reform or salvation by looking to our elected officials in Washington. The ultimate solution lies within the power of the people to demand reforms. By VOTING our consumer dollars to buy safe natural beauty
products free of chemicals and preservatives will we bring about true health and beauty to our fellow Americans.

On behalf of our public resource, Nutrition Chat, and its thousands of active subscribers, we support and endorse your noble effort to inform, educate and serve the American Public. We are familiar with the high quality of Neway's
health and beauty products and encourage our readers to investigate further.

We wish you every success with your crusade and fully understand the passion behind your mission. Together, we will bring the TRUTH to the people.

Tom O'Brien, NC

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