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        2007- My Son-My son, Andrew Kramer, interviewed for Pathway UCLA Classes for Higher Learning-College for Special Ed People-watch- December 1,2007

    2007- My Son, Andrew Kramer on  the UCLA Daily Bruin  "Circle of Friends. Scroll to watch-November 15, 2007

2007-Feature- Article: Microwave Cooking from Mark Brainer, DDS

2007 Excess body fat linked to cancer MSNBC Report

2007-Toddling Toward Toxicity: What Consumer Products Slather on Our Kids

2007 -International Agency Plans to Call Night Work a Probable Carcinogen 

2007 -The link between environmental toxicant exposure and endometriosis. Anger DL, Foster WG

2007-Urine testing confirms Autism is mercury poisoning By Kate Adams

2007-High Number of Endometriosis Cases Linked to Environment Toxins 2007 Utah2007-Victory on Avastin 2007 Breast Cancer Action

2007- Pharmaceutical Companies Create Counterfeit Hormones, Dr. John Lee

2007-Asthma and Essential Oils

2007-Consumer Reports on Toxins in Cosmetics

2007-Mercury in Mascara, some states ban it

2007. Making daily Healthy Choices


2007-Routine Mammograms - Should We or Shouldn't We? ARE MAMMOGRAMS WORTH IT? By John R. Lee, M.D

2007-Mercola, Danger, What in the World are you putting on your skin? 2007

2007-Industrial chemicals in  our bodies-By Jordana Miller CNN-10-07

2007-Cancer Causing Chemicals in Baths and Shampoos from Breast Cancer Fund Cancer-causing Chemical Found in Children's Bath Products Women’s Shampoos and Body Wash also Contaminated

2007-Bubble Bursts on FDA Oversight of Kids' Bath Products,Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

2007-Follow the Funding Message from the Breast Cancer Fund

2007-Autism: It's Not Just in the Head, March,

2007-Scientists expose body toxin risk from daily used products- by Douglas Fischer,

2007-Potentially toxic cosmetics have Some People worried, Abigail Leichman

2007-25,000 Chemicals in People EWG reports

2007-Propostion 65 Harmful Chemical Laws- CA-October

2007-Lead In Lipsticks,Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

2007-Skin Care Cosmetic Chemical Dangers -Judith Tovey, 1st Holistic.com

2007-Tamoxifen Dangers  by Shane Ellison

2007-Is your make-up killing you? By Natasha Courtnay-Smith in the UK

2007- What's In your Beauty Products? by Judy Ketteler

  2007-What's Wrong with Chlorine, Many, Many Articles

  2007-Child Environment-Medicines only chemicals have to be proven safe, why?

2007-What's in Your Beauty Products? Don't Take a Chemical Bath By Judi Ketteler,

2007Toxic Toothpaste with Tricolsan-2007

2007-Toxic Baby Bottles

2007-Dangers of Aluminum

2007-Trick-or-Treating for Lead-Free Lipstick October

2007-Stacy Malkin speaks for Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, UCSF-Nov 28

2007 EWG October, 2007-Caution: These six seven household items may feminize baby boys

2007-Hormone Havoc


 2007-Chemical_Body_Burden, what is it?

2007-The Anti-Cancer Drug That Causes Cancer? Shane Ellison, M.Sc. The People's Chemist, News With Views

2007-I'll Have My Cosmetics with a Side of Infertility, Please. By Heather Gehlert

2007-Should Iodized Salt Be Used, EWG.org responds

2007-October-Fluoride Being Added to CA Water-Bill Walker, ewg.org

2007-Is your make-up killing you? By Natasha Courtnay-Smith in the UK s

2007- What's In your Beauty Products?-Judi Ketteler

2007-Breast Cancer and Your Environment by Francesca Lyman

2007-Fluoridated Water, EWG.org

2007-Toxic Beauty Cancer causing chemicals are hiding in your hand lotion by Maria Trombetta

2007-The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products By Vanja Petrovic

2007-Extra Chemicals in Your Cosmetics by Heather Van Nest

2007-Europe bans most severe animal tests for cosmetics

2007-Philip Day- Eat Raw Food Everyday

2007-Older Women Should Avoid Hormone Therapy Study Suggest Women In Their Sixties at Risk for Heart Disease By JULIE STEENHUYSEN

2007- Common chemicals pose danger for fetuses, scientists warn- Marla Con e Exposure to toxic materials in the womb can cause health problems later in life, an international panel declares. Marla Cone

2007 Gym Training for Seniors, Physical Exercising Whole Food Farmacy

2007- Hand Sanitizer Dangers

2007-Novel Approach to Reducing Skin Cancer Risk-Australia


2007-May -More Bad News about OPI Products

2007-2007-Autism: It's Not Just in the Head, March

2007-Seven dangerous food ingredients

2007-FDA Warning: DEG-Contaminated Glycerin Remains Potential Health Hazard,

2007-Thank OPI For Cleaning up A Little, but they Still need tp remove More Chemicals

2007-May- Pesticides may be making kids sick at school

2007-Unwanted Exposures:In New York, Who's in Charge of Protecting Children from Environmental Hazards?

2007-Scientists Cure Cancer, but No One Takes Notice

2007-Bubble Bursts on FDA Oversight of Kids' Bath Products, April,

2007-National Children's Study Funded and Recruiting on Cancer starting before Birth

2007-WEBMD -Breast-cancer/features/common-chemicals-breast-cancer-link

2007-Moms Deserve Safe Products without Harmful Chemicals

2007- LA Times, Common chemicals Linked to Breast Cancer

2007-Bill Sardi Dropping "D" Bomb on Cancer,

2007- What dangers can perfumes and other fragrances pose to your health 2007!

2007-Public Health Linked to Chemical Industry, Marla Cone

2007-Loreal Toxic Chemicals, Write to Them

2007-Heartache and Health Risks at the Beauty Counter, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

2007-Potentially toxic cosmetics have Some People worried, Abigail Leichman, March, 2007

2007-Scientists expose body toxin risk from daily used products- by Douglas Fischer,

2007-Consumer Reports on Toxins in Cosmetics

2007 -Carcinogens in Bath Products

2007-Fluoride and how toxic it really is

2007-Is Mineral Makeup Safer, Depends what else is in them from ask EWG

2007-Opi Nail Toxic Polish,taking chemicals out

2007-Chocolate & Chocolate Liquor - Adulteration with Insect and Rodent Filth

2007-Ban Toxic Chenicals from Baby Products, Democracy in Action.org

2007-Testing finds traces of carcinogens in bath products

2007-Some children's bath products hazardous, Dallas, Texas

2007-Washington State mulls cosmetic safety law; Bill based on California measure

2007-Cancer Causing Chemicals in Baths and Shampoos from Breast Cancer Fund

2007- Feb-Oprah's Show about  the "Secret" with guests
2007-The "Reaction to Oprah's show about the "Secret"

2007-Should You Trust Your Makeup? NY Times 2-15-07- Natasha Singer

2007- Scientists Expose Body Toxin Risk by Douglas Fisher

2007- Heartache and Health Risks at the Beauty Counter, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

2007-  LA Times-Carcinogens in Bath Products

2007-Consumer Reports on Toxins in Cosmetics

2007-Consumer Reports, Take a Whiff of This Fragrance Article

2007-10 Most Unwanted Ingredients in Personal Care and Beauty Products

Learn about your Decisions and Rights as Health Product Consumers and How to find Safe and Healthy Alternatives  for your Daily Personal Care and Beauty, pet and household

Read the Scientific Facts and Research about the Chemicals in Your Everyday Personal Hygiene and Beauty Products


Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles, Shelley R. Kramer, is the local Office Director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Cancer Prevention Coalition,  an Educational and Advocacy organization, helping to Promote Awareness to reduce environmental toxins in the home,  school, workplace and Environment.

Cancer Prevention Coalition Main website preventcancer.com

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