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 20 Ways to Rate a Company -Any Company you Want to do Business With 

    How do MLMs Measure Up? 

When it comes to network marketing or going into any business, there are 20 ways to measure success. According to Steve Carr of Chicago's Destiny Radio Show in the United States, it is often difficult to recognize a truly exceptional network marketing company or any other company. Many companies, unfortunately, operate unethically and unfairly, taking advantage of their customers and employees. These companies get away with poor business practices because customers don't know how to differentiate between good and bad organizations.

"I wanted to have some type of screening process so that when I went on the air endorsing a company, people knew that we had done our homework". Over the past seven years, Carr has evaluated more than 800 companies using a point by point system to rate how strong a company is. Carr says that approximately one in 100 companies meet all the criteria. With such a high percentage of companies failing to make the grade, it is important for consumers and prospective business partners to do their homework and evaluate the strength of an MLM or any other company.

This twenty-question survey is based on Steve Carr's definitive rating system, and it will help you do your homework as you assess various companies. Designed to help you thoroughly compare two companies, this survey will enable you in rating businesses head to head, revealing which company offers the best opportunity.

20 Points For Evaluating an MLM Company

Answer each question for each company, marking the box ONLY if the answer is "Yes." Then assess the opportunity.

Section 1: Financial and Corporate

1.  Is the company at least five years old? (Ninety five percent of ALL companies fail in their first year.)

2.  Is the company completely debt-free?

3.  Does the company have a consistent sales growth? (Some are on the way up, some are on the way down).

4.  Does the company have a large and growing international presence?

5.  Does the company have a strong management team with a proven, successful track record that is verifiable?

6.  Is the company forthright about who they are in the process of marketing their opportunity to others? (Some companies try to hide their identity.)

7.  Does the company have a written, clearly defined code of ethics that it will enforce?

8.  Does the company provide direct access to the company principals (vice presidents, managers, supervisors.)?

Section 2: Products and Services

9.  Does the company manufacture and distribute its own products? (Only a few do- the rest are at the mercy of the manufacturer.)

10.  Are the company's products and/ or services consumable?

11.  Do the company's products and/or services give customers the results intended and provide a compelling storyline that sets them apart and fills a specific niche?

12.  Are the retail products and services priced by the company at fair market value?

13.  Are the products and services safe and protected by a minimum 30-day money back guarantee?

14.  Does the company show a financial commitment to research and development?

Section 3: Marketing Plan

15.  Does the company offer a low cost, or no cost, entry fee to become a distributor?

16.  Is the marketing plan a unilevel, hybrid unilevel, matrix, or forced matrix?

17.  Does the personal consumption satisfy qualification within the marketing plan?

18.  Are the company's products, services and business opportunity truly beneficial for the last person recruited?

19.  Does the marketing plan provide at least 30 percent gross profit for the company?

Section 4: Support Services

20.  Does the company have courteous customer service departments on site that make customers the first priority?


20 a Perfect score. Congratulations - this may be the company for you. Unless the company that you are evaluating achieves a perfect score, it is strongly recommended that you keep searching for another opportunity.

0-19 A less than perfect score. You may want to reconsider joining this company.

A network marketing or any company can only deliver its promises of prosperity if it is strong and reliable. In all facets of business- financial, corporate, products, services, marketing plan, support- how does the MLMs and Corporate Companies that you are evaluating score? Do your homework and don't fail the biggest test of all - planning your future.

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