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Aluminum is the third most common element in the environment and is a toxin to the body. It can be found in processed food, antiperspirants, antacids, paper products, drink containers, foil and cookware.

What is the documented damage that Aluminum can do to the body?

Alzheimer’s disease, a terrible disease that first destroys the mind before it destroys the body of its victims, is a relatively new disease. Alzheimer’s disease is now the fourth leading cause of death among the elderly, behind heart disease, cancer and stroke. No one knew what caused it and how to cure it. But as more and more studies are being completed, there seems to be a fairly common link among Alzheimer’s sufferers. That link is the amount of aluminum they were exposed to.
  • The World Health Organization conducted studies on chemical pollution and the elderly: “There is a suspected link between Alzheimer’s disease and the toxicity of aluminumautopsies have found high concentrations of the metal in the brains of people who have suffered from the disease.”

From Public Health Reports, Nov-Dec 1993 V108n6p798(2)

  • There have been studies done, linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease: “The evidence is strong enough that the prudent person will eliminate all food and cosmetic sources of aluminum and will use aluminum cooking utensils only if they are coated,” suggests the author of Nutrition, Health and Disease, Gary Price Todd MD.
  • Dr. Daniel Perl, Director of Neuropathy at Mt.Sinai Medical Center in New York , suggests: “..avoid aerosol antiperspirants. Aluminum in aerosol may be more readily absorbed into the brain through the nasal passages.”

From the University of California, Berkeley Wellness letter, April 1993 v9n7p1(2)  

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