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Gift Ideas

A Christmas gift idea that I have used is combining "Orange" essential oil with bubble bath, shower gel or our original shampoos (since they don't have any fragrance) along with a card that heralds some of the benefits of Orange oil.  I use business card paper with a hole punched in the corner of the card to attach it to the gift with a piece of ribbon.  It's easy to print a full page of these cards. 


Orange Essential Oil assists the body in boosting the immune system and easing pre-menstrual changes as well as enhancing the condition of the skin and aiding digestion.  The aromatic fragrance of Orange encourages feelings of joy and generosity as it is applied or inhaled. 


Aromatherapy Sample Kit (#5155) $13.00
Preparing for a trip? Still thinking what essential oils you should take with you? The Aromatherapy Sample Kit will help you stick to your resolution to use essential oils every day. The sample kit and decoder fit easily into your purse, pocket, or car. Enjoy and use!

Contains the following oils (1 ml each):
Ylang Ylang
Wild Rosemary
Travel Pack (#5930)
retail price : $ 33.50  
wholesale price : $ 23.50

1 Close Shaving Gel, 50 ml; 1 Eliminator Mouthwash, 50 ml; 1 Exuberance Conditioner, 50 ml; 1 Ultrashine Radiance Toothpaste, 50 ml; 1 Refresh Bath/Shower Gel, 50 ml; 1 Sassy Spritz/Spray Gel, 50 ml; 1 Tender Care Lotion, 50 ml; 1 Ultimate Shampoo, 50 ml
Convert Your Bathroom Pack (#5990)
retail price : $ 100.45 

wholesale price : $  70.20 

Neways Convert Your Bathroom Pack features nine of Neways’ finest personal care products with information designed to educate a consumer on the concerns surrounding questionable ingredients while providing an introduction to Neways’ company mission and safer and more effective product alternatives.

1 Close Shaving Gel, 125 ml
1 Eliminator Mouthwash, 500 ml
1 Exuberance Conditioner, 250 ml
1 UltraShine Radiance Toothpaste, 175 g
1 Refresh Bath/Shower Gel, 250 ml
1 Subdue Deodorant, 50 ml
1 Ultimate Shampoo, 250 ml
1 Replenishing Mist, 250 ml
1 Convert Your Bathroom Brochures
1 Tender Care Hand & Body Lotion, 125 ml
1 Empower DVD
Neways' Basic Ten oils were carefully selected from each type of species: flower, wood, spice, leaf, and citrus. As an introduction to the oils, or a complement to what you already have, these choices are the best.
 retail price : $ 92.75  
 wholesale price : $ 64.90
SILENCE™, 30ML 2848 : SILENCE™, 30ML
Silence has proven useful for those who snore.* It contains raw, expeller (cold) pressed vegetable and fruit oils. It also contains therapeutic essential oils of French Lavender, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, and Clove.
 retail price : $ 29.95  
 wholesale price : $ 20.00





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