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         Benefits of Maximol Minerals and Healthy Products with Neways

In addition to helping raise the seratonin levels in the brain and providing support for our menopausal customers.....this incredible product is our number one seller! Men, women and children can benefit by supplementing with it. Read below for some remarkable and substantiated.....yes....substantiated claims we can share with all of our customers about this powerful product. We should ALL be on our Maximol!


MAXIMOL - (Item # 1835)
Helps to support serotonin level (mood swings, depression, anxiety, rapid heart beat) and generally needed for good cellular support as we age. Of the 363 products Neways has, this is the number one selling product. Great for energy and fights depression, it really lifts your spirits.
*W* $28.80 *R* $41.45


1. Supports against minor inflammation.*

2. Improves body composition and supports weight loss.*

3. Increases cellular concentrations of minerals.*

4. Supports anti-aging processes.*

5. Supports antioxidant capacity.*

6. Supports body stamina.*

7. Supports cardiovascular health.*

8. Supports cellular health.*

9. Supports circulatory system health.*

10. Supports feelings of well-being.*

11. Supports female health.*

12. Supports gastrointestinal health.*

13. Supports healthy hair.*

14. Supports healthy skin.*

15. Supports healthy sleep.*

16. Supports immune system health.*

17. Supports joint health.*

18. Supports male health.*

19. Supports muscular health.*

20. Supports neural health.*

21. Supports normal biochemical processes.*

22. Supports normal body functions and overall well-being.*

23. Supports normal digestion.*

24. Supports normal growth.*

25. Supports normal functions.*

26. Supports normal liver health.*

27. Supports normal vision.*

28. Supports physical recovery after exercise.*

29. Supports respiratory health.*

30. Supports sense of hearing.*

31. Supports sense of taste.*

32. Supports work and exercise performance.*

33. Minerals are enzymatic cofactors in the body.

34. Prebiotics promote colon health.*


The Body can get along without vitamins but not without minerals:  also the body cannot manufacture its own minerals.  Dr. Dikkers believes that mineral-starved foods threaten millions of Americans despite the country's reputation of being the best fed nation on earth.  "During aging or illness, when the mineral supply is depleted, the cell growth slows down and reproduction finally stops, resulting in death.  The person is said to have died of natural causes and/or old age whereas the cause may have been a mineral deficiency.. There are many amazing causes of regeneration from adding minerals alone to the diet.  Minerals may also be a means of keeping you young.
  • POTASSIUM:  FACTS:  Works with sodium to regulate the body's water balance and normalize heart rhythms.  Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) causes potassium loss, as does a long fast or severe diarrhea.  Both mental and physical stress can lead to its deficiency.  WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU:  Aid in clear thinking by sending oxygen to the brain, help dispose of body wastes, assist in reducing blood pressure, aid in allergy treatment.
  • IRON: FACTS:  Essential for life, necessary for the production of hemoglobin.  Calcium and iron are the two major dietary deficiencies of American women.  WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU:  Aid growth, prevent fatigue, promote resistance to disease, cure and prevent iron-deficiency anemia, bring back good skin tone.
  • CALCIUM: FACTS:  There is more calcium in the body than any other mineral. 20% of an adult's bone calcium is reabsorbed and replaced every year. WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU:  Maintain stronger bones and healthy teeth, keep your heart beating regularly, alleviate insomnia, help metabolize your body's iron, aid your nervous system.
  • MAGNESIUM: FACTS:  Known as the anti-stress mineral; alcoholics are usually deficient, essential for effective nerve and muscle functioning, important for converting blood sugar into energy. WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU:  Aid in fighting depression, keep teeth healthier, bring relief from indigestion, promote a healthier cardiovascular system and help prevent heart attacks, help prevent calcium deposits, kidney and gallstones.
  • IODINE: FACTS:  Stimulates energy; most people over 40 are considered deficient in iodine which can cause goiter, anemia, listlessness, lack of energy, slow pulse and low blood pressure, and weight gain. WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU:  Give more energy; help with dieting by burning excess fat; improve mental alertness; promote healthy hair, nails, skin and teeth.


  • Minerals provide the right medium for proper transmission of electrical and chemical impulses to all vital body functions by our nervous system.
  • All  bodily processes depend upon the action of minerals.
  • Vitamins cannot function unless minerals are present.
  • A shortage of just one mineral may throw off the balance of bodily activity and may disrupt the entire chain of life, rendering other nutrients either useless or ineffective


1.  According to Senate Document No 264, the official publication, 99 percent of American people are deficient in minerals, and a marked deficiency in any one of the more important minerals actually results in disease.
2.  The body is equipped to chelate only a small amount of some inorganic elements from nature.  Therefore, the body requires the minerals to come from plants in a chelated form that the minerals may be properly assimilated and utilized.  The efficiency of each mineral is enhanced by balanced amounts of the others.
3.  The body must maintain an adequate mineral supply to maintain a balance between internal and external pressures of the body cells called osmotic equilibrium.  This state must be maintained for normal cell function and continued youthful health.
4.  All nutrients such as vitamins, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, oils, etc. require minerals for activity.  All bodily processes depend upon the action of minerals.
5.  Trace chelated minerals are more important in nutrition than vitamins. Vitamins can be synthesized by living matter, minerals cannot.
6.  Vitamins are required for every biochemical activity of the body.  Vitamins cannot function unless minerals are present.
7. Minerals are the catalysts that make enzyme functions possible.  Chelated minerals combine with enzymes into an alkaline detoxifying agent which neutralizes the acid metabolic by-products of the cells and other toxic conditions within the body and prepare them for elimination.
8.  Hormonal secretion of glands is dependent upon mineral stimulation.
9.  The acid-alkaline balance (pH) of the tissue fluid is controlled by minerals.
10. All elements work together as a collective whole.  If there is a shortage of just one mineral, the balance of the entire bodily activity can be thrown away.  A deficiency of one mineral may disrupt the entire chain of life, rendering other nutrients either useless or inefficient.
11.  The concept brought forth by French scientists concerning the biological transmission of the elements within the body makes it understandable as to why the body needs the broad range of chelated minerals in balance to regain and maintain good health.
12.  Minerals are, therefore, justified as a supplemental dietary substance especially in these days when the mineral content of our fruits and vegetables are destroyed by petrochemicals and synthetic fertilizer.
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