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November 10, 2008

Dear Signer of the Professionals' Statement,

The current number of signers on the statement calling for an end to fluoridation worldwide has risen to 1900. We need many more. Below we have listed several ways that you can help, but first here is a list of developments which might make the task easier to accomplish.

FLUORIDE'S EFFECT ON THE BRAIN:  There have now been TWENTY THREE published human studies reporting an association between exposure to high natural levels of fluoride and reduced IQ in children. The fluoride levels in water in these studies range from 0.88 - 9.4 ppm. See the studies at

PRESIDENT of the International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE), Dr. Vyvyan Howard, gave a public presentation reviewing 18 of the fluoride-IQ studies in Toronto this August.  This resulted in a swarm of media interviews.  In late July, FAN released a 4 minute video interview with Vyvyan, available on YouTube, where he discusses his concern of fluoride's adverse effect on the brain.

MD'S AGAINST FLUORIDATION:  In September, the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) released a statement opposing fluoridation that concluded:

On the basis of this "weight of evidence" we believe that fluoridation of drinking water is scientifically untenable, and should not be part of a public health initiative or program.

53 COMMUNITIES VOTED NO TO FLUORIDATION ON NOV. 4.  61 fluoridation referenda were held in the state of Nebraska.  This was the result of the passage of mandatory fluoridation in April.  49 out of the 61 Nebraskan communities voted NO.  4 other communities in Maine, NY, and Wisconsin, also voted NO.  Out of a total of the 67 fluoridation referendums held on Nov 4 in the US, 14 communities voted to fluoridate.  See our compilation of statistics

PROFESSIONAL'S STATEMENT:  Here are some ways you can help get more names on this important statement.

Invite your professional colleagues and friends to sign. Here are a few suggestions.

If you work in a hospital would you circulate among the doctors, staff and administrators?
If you have a dental or medical practice would you invite your colleagues to sign on?
If you teach at a university would you circulate among your colleagues?
If you attend a professional conference would you take a copy of the statement with you and try to get some signers.

If anyone asks you for a comprehensive report on the issue, please recommend the National Research Council's landmark 2006 report which reviews the literature on the toxicology of fluoride.  It is available to read and search for free at

They can sign the Statement online.  Or, you can simply email us the following details if someone you ask agrees to sign. We don't actually need their sitgnature just their agreement via you.

Full Name
Highest Degree
If highest degree is not your relevant qualifier please put book title, or position in organization etc.
City, State or Province, Country
Email address

2) Be part of a team to discuss strategies for increasing our number of signers.

3) Contact professional colleagues living in countries that have rejected fluoridation
(most of Europe, India and China).

We are looking for professionals in many fields (doctors, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, naturopaths (NDs), nurses, MPHs, dental hygienists, veterinarians, PhDs in any field, professional engineers, architects, lawyers, environmental leaders, authors on public health related or environmental issues, water department officials, etc.).

I appreciate any effort that you can give to getting more signers on the Professional Statement.  

Paul Connett

For safe products without flouride or harmful chemicals


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