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Do you Want to Breathe Mountain Fresh Clean Purified Air from an established company's product line? 



25 Year old Established manufacturing company with Clean Air Purification Systems, Water Purification systems, Car, Home, Office, Factory  Visit the website here then call me for the prices at 310 457 5176.
Ideal for retail stores, pet grooming areas, salons, etc. using UV light, RGI technology,  Activated Oxygen

Helps to reduce the allergens that trigger
asthma and respiratory problems. Helps reduce small "bugs and spiders"  around indoor houseplants

Purified Air Systems offer products to help you breath fresh air indoors by reducing or eliminating

Odors, pet dander, smoke, gases, mold, mildew, bacteria, allergies, chlorine, fluoride, e coli, salmonella

Breathe Naturally Clean "Rainforest" Air, Drink Clean Purified and Great Tasting Water without Toxic Chemicals

Find out how to protect yourself and your family.


Official Certified Systems- 2004 Space Foundation's Certification Press Release

Official Systems for the Space Foundation and 

Official Systems for the Model Home 2005

Endorsed by many radio talk show hosts, Larry  Elder, Dr. Laura, Bill Handel, Melinda Lee, Al Rantel, Jim  Thornton, Shawn Parr

Some Insurance companies Cover costs on an air purifier with a Hepa filter system

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15.  Visit and review the products for your home, office  and vehicle here, then call   or email us for the best prices


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