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Air and Water Purification

"If you don't own an air and water filter, your body is the filter"

Quotes From Respected Authorities

"Drinking tap water could possible be fatal [due to bacterial and parasite contamination in the US drinking water systems] to Americans with weakened immune systems. They should boil their water or consult with their physician about whether to consume tap water".
-US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
06-15-95 press release.

Many Americans find it hard to believe that the tap water situation has become so serious, however, recent report states:
"U.S. health officials estimate 1.7 million Americans become ill [and possibly 1000-1500 die] from waterborne disease every year. In 1992-1993, 116 million Americans drank water from systems that violated the law due to breaches of health standards, treatment, testing or reporting rules".
Natural Resources Defense Council

Over 2,100 contaminants have been found in drinking water. Of those 2,100, 190 are known to cause adverse health effects. In total, 97 carcinogens, 82 mutagens and suspected mutagens (cause cell mutations), 23 tumor promoters and 28 acute and chronic toxic contaminants have been detected in U.S. drinking water.
-The Center for Study of Responsive Law's "Troubled Water on Tap"

"Many water suppliers know of contamination problems and yet, in a direct break with public trust responsibilities and with the law, fail to tell their customers of the problems." "Other water suppliers falsify their water test results."
-Natural Resources Defense Council, September, 1993.

"It is well known that water quality can deteriorate in the system between the point of treatment and consumption. For example, many mechanisms can introduce bacteria into drinking water during distribution. These include open reservoirs, enclosed reservoirs to which chlorine is not added, new construction that may disturb the existing distribution system, main breaks (which may become an increasing problem as distribution system age), back pressure, dead ends in the mains with stagnant water, and living organisms that may release bacteria into the drinking water when the mains are disturbed. In addition to bacterial contamination, corrosion by-products can also cause deterioration of water quality and it is well established that disinfection by-products, forming during treatment, increase with time in the distribution system." -Effects of the Distribution System on Drinking Water Quality, R.M. Clark, J.A. Goodrich, L.J. Wymer, Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory, Office of Research and Development US. Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati, Ohio 45268, USA. - J Water SRT - Aqua Vol. 42, No 1, pp. 30-38, 1993.

"Environmental factors, including synthetic chemical pollutant exposure, are responsible for approximately 90% of cancer incidence."
-National Cancer Institute (NCI)

"The cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine".    
-US Council of Environmental Quality

"Known carcinogens are found in drinking water as a direct consequence of chlorination, a long established public health practice for the disinfection of drinking water."
-Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory, Francis T. Mayo, Director

"One in five Americans drink contaminated or inadequately treated water. The most pervasive contaminants are coliform bacteria, cancer-causing trihalomethanes, radioactive elements, and lead.
-Natural Resources Defense Council

"Chlorine has so many dangers it should be banned. Cancer, heart trouble, premature senilityŠ a premature end to cell life and [premature] death.
-Dr. Herbert Schwartz, Cumberland College

"Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. While it prevented epidemics or one disease [water-borne bacterial diseases], it was creating another."
-J.M. Price, M.D. Saginaw Hospital

"If you don't own a water filter, your body is the filter".
Gregory Pouls, D.C.


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