Text Box: Solution: Sign Up For Free as A Preferred customer or to become a member with additional benefits* Rebates from 10% to 52% come automatically to your organization every month.        

Text Box: Problem:   We spent hours dividing up the products from our last fund raiser.  The orders were all mixed up and individuals got the wrong items.



Text Box: Solution:  Neways divides orders for you and ships them in separate boxes, which can be delivered directly to the individuals’ home or group.

Text Box: Support your sports team!



Text Box: Fund your school band!

Text Box: Build a new neighborhood playground!



Text Box: Problem:  The last fund raiser had too many costs. Members can simply order online, making ordering very easy. 

Text Box: We have the solution for your organization!



Text Box: Problem: Parents are tired of the same trinkets, cookie dough, wrapping paper, etc., and have trouble finding anything they want to buy. Say goodbye to the days when fundraiser was just about making money offering consumers products with little to no value, and hello to this new fundraiser that will enhance the quality of life in your community while helping your group generate exceptional profits with our safe, effective products.

Text Box: Solution: These products are necessities.  People buy them everyday. Neways products are safe for your body and the environment. Now your group benefits every time someone uses them. These products educate, raise environmental awareness and empower households to protect their families from household poisons and choose safe alternatives. 



Text Box: Problem:  The last fund raiser was so much work, that we had trouble finding volunteers this year.

Text Box: Solution: Our fund raiser can be done once, but donations will continue every time products are reordered, eliminating the need for repeat events.









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Text Box: Educate, Empower, Protect: Students, Community, Environment -Neways products offer fundraising that generate donations for years to come with the effort of only one event. Or repeat the event year after year and add to the list of members that have come before, watching your contributions grow exponentially. -Our line of over 300 products for your body and home are safer for your body, better for the environment, easy to sell because they are a necessity, and consumable, which means your members can purchase them over and over again, each time resulting in  rebates  from 10% to 52% back to your organization every time a member buys and uses the products.
Educate the community, enhance the quality of your life, raise awareness and empower households to protect our families from household poisonings— while helping your group generate exceptional profits with our very useful earth-friendly products, all at the same time. Endorsed by the Cancer Prevention Coalition and Samuel S. Epstein, MD 
Hands on assistance from our reps results in an easy to use and successful campaign to raise funds for any group.
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