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Cantron Oral Liquid FormulaLiquidCantron 32 oz.  Cantron ASV "Freeze-Dried" Capsules  350 mg/180 capsulesCantron ASV "Freeze-Dried" Capsules 350 mg/180 capsules

Cantron® is an amazing bio-electrical wellness formulation. It provides astonishing health benefits like no other substance on Earth. It is the world’s most potent antioxidant and scavenger of abnormal proteins which accumulate in the blood, tissues, organs and joints. Cantron is known to dramatically aid the body’s own natural defenses and helps it to reverse even the most severe health conditions. Since 1984, it has received rave reviews from those who have taken it. One customer summed it up perfectly on an Internet chat site when she emphatically stated: “How blessed we are to know about Cantron.”

Now, for the first time ever, CANTRON® is AVAILABLE in CAPSULE FORM!!! Our patents-pending freeze-dried process makes encapsulation of the authentic product possible. All active ingredients are retained. At last, it is no longer necessary to take the unpleasant tasting liquid or deal with messy staining of teeth, clothing and carpeting as experienced with prior versions and variations such as Entelev®, Cancell® or Protocel®.

More importantly, eight years of scientific research has lead to the new, improved, more potent ‘Advanced Scientific Version.’ It is significantly better than all previous versions of Cantron® as well as the older and obsolete formulations such as Entelev®, Cancell®, and Protocel®. A new antioxidant study and our internal in-vitro cell line studies show that Cantron® ASV has vastly superior potency than all previous versions and variation

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Basic Ingredients of Cantron


Proprietary blend of organic compounds:
Electrolytes, consisting of hydroxyquinones and cyclopentenes.

trace amounts of the B vitamin Inositol

Copper, Sodium, Sulfur, Potassium and traces of Iron, Zinc and Bromine.

Quinones belong to the bioflavonoid family of compounds. They are agents which naturally exist in many plant foods and herbs such as Lapacho, Horse Chestnut and Red Sage. These compounds play a crucial role in cellular respiration. Bioflavonoids are especially potent antioxidants and strong metal chelators. They are chemical compounds that plants produce to protect themselves from parasites, bacteria, and cell injury. Numerous medicinal herbs contain therapeutic amounts of bioflavonoids which are often a major component of an herb’s medicinal activity. The human body cannot produce bioflavonoids, so they must be supplied in the diet. One of the important hydroxyquinones in Cantron is a powerful antioxidant that is also found in spices, vegetables, fruits such as red grapes, red berries and many herbs such as green tea. One of the important cyclopentene compounds in the Cantron formula contributes to healthy cell functioning by influencing cellular voltage and by aiding the body to rapidly lyse (eliminate) unhealthy cell structures.

Sulfur is one of the basic elements of life. It aids in necessary oxidation reactions in the body and protects against toxic substances. Sulfur is necessary for making collagen, the primary constituent of cartilage and connective tissue. Approximately half of the total body’s sulfur is concentrated in the muscles, skin and bones. It is needed to form crucial blood proteins and amino acids. Sulfur adds flexibility and pliability to cell walls which allows fluids to pass through tissue more easily. Sulfur disinfects the blood and protects the protoplasm of cells. It protects against harmful effects of radiation and pollution.

Potassium is an electrolyte which is essential for a healthy nervous system and circulatory system. It is important for chemical reactions within the cells and in transmitting electrochemical impulses. Potassium also regulates the transfer of nutrients through cell membranes. It aids in proper muscle contraction, and helps control the body’s water balance.

Copper is a mild anti-fungal agent which prevents fungus formation in the Cantron product. It is also important for its well known electrical conductivity properties. An essential trace mineral, copper is not manufactured by the body and must be taken in through the diet. It is involved in healing processes, energy production and is also needed for healthy nerves and joints. Copper is needed for oxygen transport. Even a mild deficiency of copper will impair the body’s ability to absorb iron and manufacture hemoglobin. A deficiency also will impair the ability of white blood cells to fight infection. Various enzyme reactions also require copper. It works in balance with zinc and vitamin C to form elastin and collagen, the fundamental proteins making up bones, skin and connective tissue. Copper is also needed for the metabolism of essential fatty acids.


Safety Of Cantron

LD50 toxicity studies prove that Cantron is up to 20 times safer than aspirin. In recent studies, approximately 700 times the normal dose of Cantron was injected into the body cavity of mice with no ill side effects. One woman mistakenly ingested an entire 3 month dosage of Cantron at one sitting and the only negative effect was an acute case of diarrhea. She felt great two days later and went on to receive positive results on her health condition.

Individuals and physicians can include this nutritional therapy as a nutritional adjunct to any treatment modality without fear of any ill effects or contra-indications.

Special Message to Physicians
Concerning 'Cantron'

Many patients ask their physicians if they can take our product Cantron along with their prescribed medications. Since Cantron is not a drug, you will not find it in The Merck Manual or any other medical reference book. Therefore, we are supplying some general information in order that you may properly advise your patient.

The main ingredients are a synthesized blend of compounds that exist in nature. They are quinones, croconic acid, catechol and various minerals. Cantron is non - toxic. In fact LD50 studies demonstrate that it is 20 times safer than a single aspirin tablet. There are no adverse side effects and will not contraindicate any drugs you may have prescribed.

The product is made in a lab that is inspected by the Federal Food and Drug Administration and the Florida Department of Agriculture. We utilize stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) in the manufacture of this product as well as all of our other products.

Because of its strong effect on the natural healing processes, many physicians are now administering Cantron as a nutritional regimen or are referring their patients to us.

If you would like more information about the health benefits of Cantron, please read more about it on our website or feel free to call our office.

Shelley Kramer at, 310 4575176

Cantron Dosage Instructions 

Please Read These Directions Carefully Before Taking Cantron!    

Take Cantron 5 times per day:
Throughout the day: Consume 1/4 teaspoon (1.25 cc) of Cantron 4 times per day (every 3 to 4 hours). Consume on an empty stomach. Thirty minutes before meals is optimum.

Prior to bedtime: Consume 1/2 teaspoon (2.5 cc) prior to bedtime and at least two hours after consuming the previous dose.

Do not go more than 8 hours without a dose. If you sleep more than 8 hours, wake up to take your morning dose, then go back to sleep.

It is imperative to keep Cantron in the system -frequency is more important than quantity- but if you forget to take a dose, don't panic. Take your next dose as soon as possible and get back on the regular schedule.

Measure your doses by using a medicine dropper or medicine spoon. We provide a small measuring implement with your order.

If you are not receiving health benefits after a considerable period of time, do not increase the dosage. Recent studies have shown that in some cases, less Cantron may be better. Therefore, it is wise to slightly lower the amount of each dose rather than increasing it.

If you suffer from liver problems, cut dosage to 1/4 (1.25 cc) teaspoon every 6 hours. This is a total of 4 doses daily.

Two Ingestion methods:
There are two methods of ingesting the Cantron Formula into the system: the dilution method or the sublingual method. Utilize either method or alternate.


Dilution Method:
Add each dose of Cantron to a small amount of liquid such as distilled water, unsweetened iced tea or juice (such as grape, cranberry, apple or pineapple).

If mixed in juice, consume the mixture right away.

If mixed in distilled water it is not necessary to consume immediately. You can make up a 24 hour supply and sip it frequently throughout the day (but never exceed 6 hours in between doses).

The advantage of the 'dilution method' is that the strong metallic taste of the formulation is diminished or masked by the beverage.

Sublingual Method:
Place the dosage of Cantron under the tongue. Hold for as long as possible- for a maximum of 20 minutes- then swallow!

The advantage of this method is that the formula enters the bloodstream more rapidly.

The disadvantage is the unpleasant metallic taste and the fact that your teeth may become discolored.

note: If your teeth become discolored, brush them with a paste made of baking soda and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then, rinse your mouth with a saturated salt solution.

Regardless of the ingestion method you choose, drink large amounts of distilled water throughout the day, preferably with Willard's Water Concentrate added (see Cantron Total Wellness program in our company literature).


***Supplements To Avoid***
Consider keeping this important information sheet on your refrigerator or in some other prominent place in order to remind you not to take anything that may interfere with the Cantron 'Wellness' Program.

Never take Coenzyme Q10 with Cantron
Many of the compounds in Cantron are ortho-quinones. COQ10 is a para-quinone which may counter Cantron?s beneficial effect on cellular respiration.

High doses of vitamins C, E and the mineral selenium should not be taken
These substances also interfere with Cantron's beneficial effect on cellular respiration. Small amounts of these substances contained in multi-vitamins may not conflict but to be on the safe side it is best to obtain these nutrients only through food sources.

Persons who have been taking these prohibited substances for their anti-oxidant properties should be happy to know that the Cantron Wellness Program contains many anti-oxidants which are much more potent than those you will be giving up (refer to our 'Cantron Total Wellness Program'). Cantron, itself is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Proceed with Caution regarding Herbal Formulations
Thousands of herbs are reported to be beneficial to a state of 'Wellness' such as Cat's Claw, Essiac Tea, etc., however, there is no way to know whether these herbs will conflict with the bio-electrical nature of the Cantron Electrolyte Formula. We simply cannot research and study the chemistry of all the herbs which are available throughout the world. Therefore, we advise that you do not take any other herbs or supplements that are not listed in the 'Cantron Total Wellness Program' which is a comprehensive program including several synergistic herbal formulas and other supplements.

It is important to shake the bottle of Cantron well in order to help dissolve some of the important active ingredients, particularly tetrahydroxyquinone, which tends to settle on the bottom.

Take Your Cantron Doses on Time
Make sure you do not go more than 6 hours without a dose. If you sleep more than 6 hours, wake up to take your morning dose, then go back to sleep.

Keep Cantron Away From Electrical Outlets and Appliances
As a precaution, because of its sensitive bio-electrical nature do not keep Cantron in the refrigerator, near outlets or appliances which generate electricity.


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