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Date: 06/27/2000 

Some Comments & Conclusions On Cassani & Chemtrails

 By William Thomas

Taken from

 Erminia Cassani deserves thanks and congratulations for her long and  sometimes personally perilous investigations into low-level air drops of  pathogen-bearing gel and red powder over suburban neighborhoods in  Ontario, and across the USA. Throughout her research I have kept our confidentiality agreement on certain aspects of her work until she was ready to publish her preliminary findings. It is time that we heard from this key researcher, and I am glad she has come forward now.

 After 19 months' investigation, I believe that the higher-level 'chemtrail' operation involving 700 US Air Force tanker planes and some civilian airliners is separate, though possibly related to, the splattering of  lab-tested bacteria, molds and fungi over homes from aircraft flying at tree-top level.
> Even more disturbing are recently witnessed deliberate spray attacks on some vocal aerial observers' headquarters and homes. Seen in the context of  earlier low-level attacks against William Wallace and his wife Anne in the remote mountains of Washington state (after Wallace went to the media insisting they cover chemtrails) - these attempts at intimidation are  serious acts of military aggression that prove that something sensitive is indeed going on. But what?
> I concur with Cassani's conclusions that it makes zero sense for a government to randomly sicken its entire citizenry with air-delivered organisms.
> Nor are repeated attacks of self-replicating bio-agents necessary. If continued, such overt bio-attacks could destroy the US economy, while risking rebellion  from an armed and angry populace. More to the point: no disease-causing organisms have ever been found in chemtrails.
> While lab techs were startled and concerned by the biological organisms and markers turning up in samples from low-level drops that left at least one homeowner stricken with a heart attack, the molds and fungi that turned up in the only tested sample of rainwater taken immediately after heavy high-level chemtrail spraying were deemed by an independent Ontario lab as entirely normal - 'with no one species predominating.'> CONTEMPLATING A CULL
> What about an airborne 'cull' of the elderly and similar 'useless
> eaters' burdening cash-strapped governments with their burgeoning needs for subsistence and medical assistance? A little-publicized high-level> summit> last January saw president Clinton (invited) and former heads and top officials from Japan, Germany, the World Bank, security agencies and major financial firms discussing the 'Impacts of Aging on Business'.
> Corporate-controlled governments are extremely and increasingly
> concerned about aging populations, which are seen as growing threats to corporate bottom-lines.
> Couple this concern with decades of documented US and British funding and research into Nazi-copied 'eugenics' intended to selectively cull unproductive resource consumers...and the high percentage of fatalities among the elderly during two consecutive epidemics (1998-2000) of deaths from Influenza-Like-Illness and related pneumonia and cardiac arrest appear very sinister indeed.
>Yet, why go to the expense and risk of blatantly spraying pathogens from jets to get rid of older folks (he asks counting his own gray hairs)? A less obvious and much cheaper course is to quietly encourage euthanasia in hospitals across North America and Australia, where doctors and nurses now admit that up to 40% of elderly patients are being deliberately killed - without their consent, and in many cases without any terminal ailment involved.
>Another effective tactic is to scare people into lining up for
> experimental vaccines often contaminated by pathgenic material. The constant hyping of vaccines for the flu, migraines and meningitis symptoms often seen in the wake of chemtrails is suspiciously coincidental.>It is clear that, at the very least, heightened death rates among the elderly caught under heavy aerial spraying are being viewed as 'acceptable collateral damage' to a program deemed essential to national-corporate interests.
> For this reason, any official whistle-blower who dares to come forward with verifiable documentation concerning chemtrails will face legal repercussions that will make Daniel Elsberg's long incarceration for exposing the fake Gulf of Tonkin 'attack' and other Washington lies concerning Vietnam feel like a stay in a summer spa.
> Unless we rally to support and protect this brave soul.
> Let's look closer at the illness rampant among our families and
> communities.
> While the corporate-controlled media continue to bleat about the 'flu', the CDC has consistently reported blood tests showing that between 65% and 99% of acutely ill patients jamming emergency rooms and clinics do not have the flu.
> Instead, officials with that infectious disease-tracking agency have
> publicly attributed epidemic death rates to an 'unknown pathogen.'
> Now the CDC is reporting that this mystery killer is a 'parasite'. For 'parasite' read 'fungus'. Based on extensive research - including input from experts on fungal symptoms and outbreaks - I fully concur with Cassani that we are in the midst of a massive fungal invasion fueled by warmer, wetter temperatures from a rapidly heating atmosphere.
> The rapid extinction of amphibian 'canaries' confirms this - and should sound an urgent warning. Chytrid fungus has just been implicated as a probable cause of 50% amphibian die-offs in pristine areas around the globe.
> Fungus among us is no joke. The same mycotoxins present in the fungi growing silently in many North American homes and offices have been cultivated, air-dried and delivered to American soldiers in the warheads of SCUD missiles by the world's most experienced proponents of biological warfare - the Iraqi Chemical Corps. There is no difference between biowar mycotoxins and domestic
> Stachybotrys (pronounced Stack-ee-bot-ris) - an especially lethal black mold now proliferating wildly across the USA. FUNGAL INFECTION = CHEMTRAIL ILLNESS
> Exposure to fungal infections leads to the same symptoms seen in
> sufferers from Chemtrail-Related Illness (CRI). These include: acute asthma and allergies, joint pain, headaches, bloody noses, abdominal pain, gas and bloating, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, gastritis extreme fatigue and severe headaches - as well as depression, anxiety, sudden mood swings, lack of concentration, drowsiness, lethargy, insomnia, memory loss, and 'spacey' light headedness.
> In a recent survey among 179 patients reportedly suffering from
> chemtrail-related illness, naturopathic Dr. Joseph Puleo found that
> fully> 99% were found to have fungus in their blood.
> In regards to Erminia Cassani's hypothesis, why are certain
> neighborhoods being hit with fungal 'cocktails'? These are obviously not attempts to wipe out pot plantations grown in more remote areas with killer fungi now being bred and tested for this purpose. Yet, fungal outbreaks in suburban settings dire enough to require aerial intervention with anti-fungi fungi would certainly be apparent to residents and local media.
> Most likely, these are tests. The low-level splattering of fungi-filled
> 'gel' and red powder appears to be an outgrowth of potentially lethal 'open air' biowarfare tests that have carried out on hundreds of US, Canadian and British cities since 1949.
> Whatever the threat - or imagined threat - nobody I know has been notified, or asked for their vote or opinion. The entire issue of chemtrails and a concurrent low-level spray program rests
> on informed consent. Regardless of what is going on - or why such
> hazardous> projects are deemed necessary by a silent, unseen elite - these daily violations of the Nuremberg Principles constitute war crimes against public citizens by their own elected government, and the military hired and sworn to defend them.

> I believe that Erminia Cassani is also on the right track when she calls chemtrails a solar shield. In recent weeks I have independently arrived at a similar conclusion. Based on all available evidence, including: a call by Edward Teller for an aerial 'sunscreen' to reflect 1% of incoming sunlight away from Earth in order to cool out-of-control greenhouse warming... * a study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where computer climate models showed this could be done at a cost of $1 billion a year ... a patent issued to aerospace giant, Hughes Aircraft Company to spray highly-reflective aluminum oxide aloft 'to reduce global warming'... * falling local temperatures and greatly reduced UV radiation levels  measured > under chemtrail overcasts... my best guess is that the deliberate overcasts caused by repeated > chemtrail  obscuration of 'blue sky days' is a desperate attempt to head off the Superstorms, floods and droughts of global warming - without reducing
> fossil  fuel burning and harming the balance sheets of all businesses enmeshed
> in a  petroleum-powered economy.
> Insurance companies bigger than Big Oil and the international arms trade are
> being hammered by catastrophic storm losses caused by a rapidly heating
> atmosphere. They are telling Washington, Whitehall, Ottawa and other
> allied nations over which the spray planes are appearing, to cool global
> warming - or else. If the big insurers go down, so will the money markets in which
> they invest so heavily. And so will the banks that back them.
> Follow the money. It leads, in every case, to corporate interests - a
> tune to which all governments must dance.
> You can be certain that chemtrails are not being spread for your own good.
> Whatever their intended purpose, which I now believe to be atmospheric
> modification, this unprecedented aerial assault is further amplifying
> wild> weather swings - while sickening millions of people, pets and other
> animals. And killing a significant number of elderly, along with others made
> vulnerable by weakened immunity.
> The sole disease-causing agents we know to be found in chemtrails come from
> rainwater samples tested at an independent lab by the Ontario Ministry of
> Environment following heavy chemtrail spraying over Espanola, Ontario
> * The filament strands of radar-reflecting 'chaff' (used to track
> dispersal) is highly toxic and can lead to severe allergic reactions.
> * The mica and carbon black used by the US Air Force to form rainclouds
> is also toxic if inhaled.
> * But the principle component of the tested Ontario sample was found to
> be aluminum - at seven-times government safe levels. High enough, said the
> lab 'to kill fish'.
> The aluminum called for the Welsbach patent issued to Hughes Aircraft
> for atmospheric modification was intended to be put into the fuel of jet
> airliners. If it is added to the plane's auxiliary fuel tanks, chemtrails
> will appear only at cruising altitudes after the flight crew switches to  aux
> tanks. Switching to main tanks for take-off and landing will leave no
> chemtrail clues close to the ground. (Disturbing videotape showing an
> MD-80 commercial airliner laying a distinctive chemtrail is included in my
> definitive documentary video, 'CHEMTRAILS - MYSTERY LINES IN THE SKY'
> due for release in July, 2000.)
> Similarly, tanker aircraft observed switching sprays on and off are
> probably switching fuel tanks.
> According to a former engineer for Alcoa, aluminum oxide in the size
> ranges called for in the sunscreen patent, would polish jet turbine blades
> without harming them. These compounds would form brilliant white plumes in the
> sky.  But the engineer warned that metallic particles intended to remain aloft
> for a year could settle quickly to the ground. High levels of aluminum have
> been blood-tested in CRI sufferers in Toronto and Vancouver. I now urge that
> more chemtrail patients insist on being screened for aluminum poisoning.
> Among other signs, medical text symptomology states that aluminum
> toxicity 'can lead to gastrointestinal disturbances, headaches, forgetfulness,
> speech disturbances, memory loss, weak, aching muscles.'
> By preventing nerve impulses from being correctly carried to and from
> the brain, this potent neurotoxin also causes 'dizziness, impaired
> coordination and a loss of balance and energy.'
> Whether a chemtrail or commercial flight, it is possible and even
> probable that pseudomonas (which dines on fuel) and various molds and fungi
> routinely grow inside cavernous aircraft fuel tanks - to rain down on everyone
> along these flight paths, along with dozens of other toxic benzene
> derivatives.
> Aluminum and other sprayed compounds can also serve as a matrix for
> funga growth that may be activated rather than attenuated by increased UV
> levels at spray altitude.
> Anyone worried that the New World Order is about to enslave us all needs
> a reality check. We are already virtually enslaved by giant corporations
> whose control of extremely sophisticated media mesmerization techniques has
> turned most citizens into somnambulists who refuse even to look up at what is
> taking place right over their heads.
> Fear of 'terrorist attack' is manufacturing consent to dangerous and
> illegal abrogation of constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, while the threat of
> unemployment is being used very effectively to silence debate and
> dissent.
> Meanwhile, the fully documented cynical importation of banned narcotics
> by CIA aircraft to finance covert operations, and the widespread sale of
> other soporifics keeps an increasingly edgy public pacified.
> In this mockery of democracy, no one ever gets to vote for the few folks
>  really calling the shots. Instead, we are treated to flag-waving
> distractions by a military-industrial-entertainment complex that must continue to
> manufacture threats requiring ever-increasing expenditures on weapons
> whose deployment threaten us all. (Ask a sick Gulf War veteran how she or he
> feels they've been treated for serving their country and the word they most
> often use is 'treason'.)
> As the first journalist to break the chemtrails story back in January,
> 1999> I have stayed with this frustrating and often infuriating investigation
> knowing that its answers will ultimately go far beyond aerial spraying
> to address the fundamental democratic issues of public consent and
> political accountability. The hour is very late for people everywhere to reclaim
> control over their destinies and daily lives - as well as the future freedom
> and well-being of our children.
> But there is still time. And because they are so blatantly and consistently
> in our face, chemtrails could be that catalyst.
> Again, my deepest thanks to Erminia Cassani for her unstinting work on
> the low-level attacks against North Americans. While so many others ought to
> be included on this roster of gratitude, Jeff Rense deserves special notice
>  for his support and regular web updates on this issue. Clifford Carnicom
> must also singled out for his web-published investigations into cobweb-like
> filaments found draped over mountain forests, oil rigs, porches, powerlines,
> highways and police cruisers across the USA.
> The presence of human blood cells on these artificial filaments cannot
> be explained as 'weather control'. They do, however, match the findings by
> a hospital lab tech of similar human cells on gel-material splattered over
> Oakville, Washington in August, 1994.
> In late June, 2000 we can say with certainty that an unprecedented
> aerial spray campaign high over at least 13 allied nations is causing serious
> illness and fatalities on the ground, while interfering with local cloud
> cover and weather patterns. Whatever their original intent, once the
> perpetrators of both high- and low-level spraying know that high numbers
> of sick, dying and dead people follow in the wake these missions - all
> further spray flights become deliberate attacks.
> After nearly two years of dogged research by some very dedicated people,
> we now have some answers to the chemtrail conundrum.
> At the very least - without any suppositions or allegations - chemtrails
> captured on thousands of photographs and seeming miles of videotape
> constitute a severe air qualtiy and public health threat that must be
> thoroughly investigated by respective responsible agencies.
> Dangerous flying by formations of heavy aircraft over populated areas
> also contravenes many flight regulations - requiring a response from the FAA
> better than "flights from Japan," "flights from Russia," and "delayed
> Christmas traffic".
> No matter how heartfelt and courageous, anonymous emails from
> 'mechanics', 'managers' and 'pilots' aren't enough. Despite the penalties for
> breaching 'National Security' laws, we can only pray that a 'whistle-blower' brave
> enough to come forward will soon present verifiable evidence of what is
> really going on. While the US Supreme Court has ruled that the commands
> of military commanders supersede even civilian law, the Military Code of
> Justice still stipulates that carrying out illegal orders is...illegal.
> Most of all, we need these high- and low level aerial attacks to cease
> while we are informed of their purpose and decide as sovereign citizens how
> best to proceed in light of whatever threats - or elite agenda - presents
> itself.
> It does not take evil intent to result in evil consequences.
> William Thomas



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