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Eat Zinc and Be Merry"

A report in the December 1999 issue of the Journal of Pediatrics states
that children may be protected against life-threatening diarrhea and
pneumonia, the leading causes of childhood death in developing countries, by
consuming sufficient amounts of zinc. In the study when children from nine
countries took 5-20 mg of zinc daily for 2-46 weeks, the risk of developing
diarrhea and pneumonia was reduced by as much as 25% and 41% respectively.
the effect of zinc supplementation on diarrhea compares favorably with
other intervention treatments, and the effect on pneumonia is greater than
that estimated for any other intervention, say the study authors, who added
that these results indicate that adding zinc to the diet of developing
country populations may be an important means of improving child survival.

--Environmental Health Perspectives. June 2000. pg A255

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