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Stimulate  and put oxygen in your Entire Body in Just 3 Minutes!

The Original CHI Machine       Original Sun Ancon Chi Machine



Facts and Information about the Sun Harmony, CHI Machine, Sun Ancon-Harmony Oxygen Massager

Thank you for your interest in the CHI Machine. The Sun Harmony CHI Machine was invented by a Japanese Doctor of medicine, the Director of the Oxygen Association of Japan - Dr. Shizuo Inoue over ten years ago. Dr. Inoue has been researching the functions of oxygen motion in the human body in the realm of medicine and science for 39 years. The principles of the Sun Ancon Oxygen Massager are based on the results of Dr. Shizuo's intensive medical and physiological scientific research. This is the original, patented aerobic exerciser.

In 1993, the Sun Harmony was awarded the Silver Eagle medal, the price of the best product at the 2nd Asian-Pacific Direct-selling Congress. It holds a U.S. patent and listed by UL file for electrical safety. It is identified as a  Class 1 Therapeutic Exerciser under Orthopedic Code RVS 97012. There are over 2,000,000 in use in China and Asia, and used in more than 11 countries.

Sun Harmony is a totally unique device which promotes the body's own natural absorption of oxygen. The Sun Harmony aerobic exercise helps virtually anyone perform virtual passive aerobic exercise with little or no effort at all. Effortlessly stimulate your entire body in just 5 minutes, creating oxygen in every cell, creating new red blood cells, relieving stress, tension, backaches. Just recline face-up on the floor with both feet placed upon its specially designed footrest. Sun Harmony rocks the entire body from left to right in a gentle undulating motion.

Using it daily, the more you use the CHI Machine, the more you will benefit and the less likely it will be that you give up on achieving the level of health you have always wanted.

Using the machine for 5 minutes is equivalent oxygen benefit of 1.5 hours of walking. Improves circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage, especially the legs.

Speeds detoxification and healing. Relaxes nerves and muscles. Relieves tension in the back, neck and shoulders. Firms hips, thighs and abdomens. Supports weight loss. More restful sleep.

This machine is a balancer, and your results will be unique to you. Vibrational frequency clears chakras and brings balance back into your mind, body and spirit.

Passive Aerobic Exerciser

Chi is the Chinese word which refers to the life force or life energy. The body energy machine is a passive aerobic exerciser that oxygenates, tones, and strengthens the body while increasing the feelings of aliveness and well-being. That is, it raises the Chi or life force in the body. The idea behind this unusual aerobic exerciser was developed by Dr.Shizuo Inoue, Chairman of Japan's Oxygen Health Association. Dr. Inoue, who has spent 38 years researching the relationship between oxygen levels in the body and the quality of human health, got his idea by watching goldfish swimming. Noting how remarkably healthy and well-toned fish are, Dr. Inoue thought that perhaps the steady undulation of the spine causes the fish's whole body to be exercised and oxygenated. What would be the effect on people, he wondered, if we could move like fish?

Engineers took his basic concept and designed the CHI Machine. "The pattern of motion the machine generates in the human body uses minimum effort and achieves maximum results," says Dr. Inoue. "It improves the basic metabolism of the body, increases our energy, adds flexibility to our lives and improves our attitude. It can also increase our sense of awareness, balancing the mind/body connection."

Using the Machine is simple: Place the machine on a rug. Lie on your back and put your ankles in the grooves of the footrest on top of the machine. Then set the timer switch to activate the Machine for the number of minutes desired. The footrest will begin to move back and forth, carrying your feet briskly from side to side. The movement will carry up through your legs and torso, throughout your entire body, causing you to wiggle back and forth like a fish swimming in water. All you do is relax and breathe deeply, letting the machine rock you gently but firmly for a maximum of 15 minutes.

When the time is up, remain lying down for another two to five minutes, enjoying the remarkable afterglow Chi. . . .as it moves throughout your body. The CHI Machine is an ideal therapy tool for Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Licensed Massage Therapists and other health care professionals.

The CHI Machine has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, with many remarkable benefits reported by users including:

  • Better stamina

  • More energy, a greater sense of well-being

  • Stronger and more limber spine and joints

  • Firming and toning of thighs, hips, buttocks

  • Sounder and more restful sleep

  • Greater ease in getting going in the morning

  • Stronger immune system - fewer or no colds

  • Alleviation of many stress-related conditions

  • Improved function of the internal organs

  • Improved circulation of the blood

Features of the CHI Machine:

  • Promote blood stream & metabolism

  • Relieve nerve pain and muscle sore

  • Adjust autonomic nerve system

  • Strengthen breathing system

  • Refresh and reduce weight

  • Deep penetrating rhythmic action loosens and soothes tired muscles

  • Relax yourself as much as possible and let this machine swing your body to the left and right

  • It stimulates the organs in the whole body and keeps them in good condition

  • Touch-button controller

No matter if we stand or sit within the day, our vertebrae cartilage must bear the oppression for 8-12 hours. If you can lie down to let your vertebrae not bear anything and are shook right and left by the machine you will feel comfortable. Then, your organs will be all healthy.

The machine can let your whole body shake evenly to add oxygen to your blood and help to burn and decompose the fat in your body, especially having excellent effect on helping strong peristalsis of the belly.

Children often sit with bad posture to read and watch television, and take few exercises because of the restriction of their environment. Therefore, providing the proper and convenient exercises without bearing can help them become taller and improve their physical development.

The doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine often say that if people have the good vital energy and complexion nine of your ten sicknesses can be gotten rid of. This machine shakes up-side-down. causing your blood to return to your face. As a result oxygen is exchanged sufficiently in the face, so it can improve your looks.

People who are not able to take exercises and need to take restorative movement can put their feet on the swing genius relaxedly. By shaking; your bones and muscles are well exercised, and blood circulates, speeding up the restorative process.


As the original specifications have been patented and cannot be reproduced imitation machines have had to change the patented specification often to higher speeds of 150 oscillations per minute or variable speeds.  None of these machines have the specifications which bring about the maximum benefits determined by Doctor Shizuo Inoue.  The concept of a variable speed is one of the specifications which was found to be unacceptable by Doctor Inoue.


The original Sun Ancon Chi Machine is fully patented and the dimensions cannot be copied as a result some imitation models are cleverly marketed as "second generation" models. However  as with all imitation machines  the motion is different and thus there is no long term research on the effects of this motion on the spine. The original machine is based on 30 years of research and over 1 million units have been sold. It is Clinically Trialled and has appeared several times in peer-reviewed medical journals.

The Sun Ancon has also undergone 12 months medical research and clinical trials at Flinders University , Adelaide .  It is the only machine of this type to have undergone extensive trials and the only machine to be registered in Japan and America as a medical appliance.  In America and Australia it can be prescribed by a physician and can be paid for by medical insurance.  It is actually imported into the UK as a medical appliance.  No other similar machine is approved to be manufactured as a remedial device by a government health department.

The Sun Ancon has been patented in 27 countries and has won the Silver Eagle award at the Second Asia-Pacific Congress in 1993. It carries a$10,000,000 product and public liability insurance. Furthermore, the Sun Ancon Chi Machine has been granted the CE-the mark of British Electrical Safety Standards. The patent protects the right to these characteristics being mutated and manufactured under a different name. The machine is approved and regulated by the FDA (in America ) as a Class 1 Medical device.


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