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Our Dear Dr Samuel Epstein. MD passed away this year, 2018, at a ripe old 90s age. We will remember him with reverance and compassion. He wrote many books, scientific studies, peer reviewed studies, and foraged us into fighting the cosmetic and beauty industry with information on harmful chemicals in everyday products. He was a maverick and one of a kind and all of us who knew him personally will miss him tremendously. He should be very proud of all that he acomplished in his long life.

Dr. Epstein wrote the Safe Shoppers Bible in 1995 together with Dr.David Steinman. Dr. Epstein also wrote The Politics of Cancer Revisited, Breast Cancer Prevention Program and, Unreasonable Risk, How to Avoid Cancer From Personal Care and Cosmetics, and 2009 book, Toxic Beauty and has published over 300 articles in scientific journals and peer reviewed applications.


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 2009- Dr. Samuel  S. Epstein receives prestigious membership in Cambridge Who's Who

2009- Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, newest book "Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your  Health . . . And What You Can Do about It (Hardcover)"

   Shelley R. Kramer, Director of the Los Angeles office of the Cancer Prevention Coalition  proud to be members of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, a non profit, 501c3 organization, founded in 1994, by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.(d.2018)    Professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago School of Public Health. Author of over 10 books, numerous scientific articles, peer reviewed studies and journal entries, Right to Livelihood Award.  Authored books -Safe Shoppers Bible, Politics of Cancer Revisited, Breast Cancer Prevention Program, Cancer Gate, How to Win the War on Cancer, Unreasonable Risk, How to avoid cancer from personal care and cosmetic products and Cancer Gate, How to Win the War on Cancer, What's In Your Milk, and newest 2009 book Toxic Beauty.      

The goal of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, a non profit 501c 3 tax deductible organization, is to create safer environments at home, in the community and at  work educating and advocating for the removal of toxins in our environments, homes, offices and daily used personal care and beauty cosmetics.

Since it's inception in July of 1994, this unique organization of independent cancer prevention experts, citizen activists, and environmental and women's health groups has endeavored to reduce escalating cancer rates with seminars, talks, and health awareness events. Our goal is to reduce escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of outreach, public education, advocacy, and public policy initiatives to establish prevention as the nation's foremost cancer policy.

Cancer Prevention Coalition members provide  Health awareness Seminars educating the Public on Awareness of avoidable risks of cancer,  and Illness through  Information and Materials provided by CPC and third party sources 

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The Dirty Dozen, Lifestyle, Diet, Nutrition, Stress, Mainstream Industry Personal Care and Beauty Cosmetics, GMO Food, Food Irradiation, Industrial toxicants, Pesticides and Children, Hidden Carcinogens, Women's Health, Men's Health, Children's Health

Join the Cancer Prevention Coalition and Help yourself and your family Learn how to avoid cancer. Help with the Children's Cancer Prevention Coalition to educate children.

Please Let us know if you are interested in participating in future meetings. Any special talents or health related  business you would like to offer your services for speaking would be appreciated. 

We would love to have you join us with  an Open Mind and a Positive Attitude  

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 Award Recognition Certificate we received from the Business and Ethics Network on behalf of the Cancer Prevention Coalition, Los Angeles Chapter

Annual Cancer Control Society Convention

Dr. Epstein was the Keynote Speaker at this Convention, Labor Day Weekends 2003- 2005, Sheraton Universal Hotels, CA   If you would like a copy of Dr. Epstein's talks you can order them  at Cancer Control

2009-The Obama Cancer Plan Should Prioritize Prevention, Says Cancer Prevention Coalition

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