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D-ZYME tm Digestive Enzyme Supplement
Item Code: 1040
Quantity: 60 capsules
D-zyme is a blend of naturally occurring enzymes formulated to assist the body’s digestive processes. Whereas fresh, uncooked foods contain the necessary concentrations and balance of enzymes to ensure proper digestion, foods that are overcooked, processed, or exposed to high temperatures lose many of the delicate enzymes necessary for digestion.
This can also occur with over-ripened and spoiled foods. As people eat more processed and fast foods and less fresh, uncooked fruits and vegetables, they take in fewer enzymes and lose the ability to absorb nutrients from their foods. Also, the ability to properly digest food can decrease with age.
Enzymes are essential in the rapid and efficient breakdown of proteins into their individual amino acids, carbohydrates into their individual monosaccharides and fats into their individual fatty acids. Within our bodies there are several sites of enzymatic digestion. The first takes place in the mouth where the principal enzyme is amylase. Amylase is responsible for a primary carbohydrate digestion. As food progresses down the alimentary canal it enters the stomach where it is exposed to pepsin, a proteolytic enzyme secreted by the Chief cells of the stomach.
Following the acidification and physical breakdown of the food, it
becomes a substance known as chyme and is released into the duodenum of the small intestine. There in the 10 inches that make up the duodenum, chyme is exposed to a host of digestive enzymes manufactured by the pancreas. Amylase, lipase, cholecystokinin and bile acids are released and break down their respective macromolecules to facilitate rapid digestion.
These enzymes are utilized on a daily basis as we carry out our normal dietary routines. However, when we consume processed, spoiled, overcooked or over-ripened foods our digestive system must manufacture greater amounts of these enzymes to compensate for the loss of their natural enzymes. This can become physically taxing with the ensuing result of suboptimal organ function and concomitant degenerative disease. In addition, with age or disease (i.e., cystic fibrosis) the relative amount of digestive enzymes decreases making the digestion of commonly eaten foods difficult.
Thus, for individuals whose diets have been modified due to age,
disease, travel, stress, or rigorous schedules, supplementing with
D-Zyme might be beneficial. With its wide variety of digestive enzymes and herbs to facilitate gastric motility and decrease flatulence, D-Zyme complements one’s diet to assist absorption of key nutrients, assist in energy acquisition, and promote quicker recovery from work and exercise.

Papain in D-Zyme originates from the papaya plant (Carica papaya).
Papain is a proteolytic enzyme that disassociates proteins and
polypeptides into smaller, easier to absorb peptides and amino acids.
Papain may be helpful in digestive disorders and in individuals whose diets are rich in protein.
Bromelain originates from pineapple (Ananas comosus). This enzyme is isolated from the stem of pineapple plants and, like Papain, is useful to aid protein digestion.
Malt diastase assists in the breakdown and digestion of starches and dextrin into their individual monosaccharide units.
Cellulase, which is not found naturally within the human digestive
system, breaks down the principal fiber in plant cell walls. When
supplemented in one’s diet, cellulase may increase the nutritional value of fruits and vegetable consumed. Cellulase may also free soluble fiber to bind cholesterol and toxins from the alimentary canal.
Glucoamylase assists in the breakdown of maltose and other oligomers of glucose into the monosaccharide glucose.
Invertase, also known as sucrase, assists in the digestion of sucrose
(refined sugar) into its individual monomers, glucose and fructose.
Protease, naturally found in kidney beans, mushrooms, soybeans, and wheat, aids in the digestion of proteins and may assist in the
destruction of protein-shell encapsulated foreign organisms thus
assisting the immune system.
Amylase, naturally found in bananas, cabbage, corn, eggs, mushrooms, honey, rice and wheat, aids in the digestion of starches.
Lipase assists in the breakdown of fats into fatty acids aiding in the
fat digestive process with the potential of assisting in one’s weight
management regimen.
Lactase, an enzyme commonly depleted in lactose intolerant individuals, aids in the breakdown of lactose into its individual subunits, galactose and glucose. Lactase will therefore assist in the digestion of cheeses, milk, yogurt, dairy drinks, ice cream, and other foods commonly considered as dairy products.
Phosphatase helps hydrolytically remove phosphoryl groups. Many
biochemicals are phosphorylated and their dephosphorylation is a key process in energy storage and utilization. Phosphatase coordinates glycogen synthesis and breakdown, important in energy conversion. Ginger rhizome from Zingiber officinales has been added to the formula assist in the relief of gastrointestinal spasms. It is also anti-nausea and contains substances similar to digestive enzymes.
Fennel seed from Foeniculum vulgare promotes gastrointestinal motility, while minimizing flatulance and soothing indigestion.
Tumeric from Curcuma longa stimulates the flow of bile, which helps
digest fats.
Finally, capsicum from the Capsicum annum plant helps to relieve
flatulence, excites the action of the stomach, and improves blood
circulation, assisting in the increased uptake of nutrients from the
digestive tract.
Take 1 capsule per meal, especially if your diet is high in cooked,
processed foods. However, if your diet consists of uncooked fruits and vegetables, take only 1 capsule a day for maintenance.
Older individuals and those who have problems digesting food may need to increase their usage to 2 capsules per meal.
Do not use this product if you have experienced ulcers, stomach pains, or have experienced severe stomach or intestinal problems.
See your health care provider prior to use of this product if you are
pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or when taking other
Malt Diastase
Ginger Rhizome
Fennel Seed

60 ct


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