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Products for Detoxification       

Patented and Registered with the FDA, Endorsed by the Cancer Prevention Coalition and the American Cancer Research Institute

Products for Cell Purification and Detoxifying the Body


  • Durian Fusion, The King of All Fruits, with Durian, papaya, mango, longan and lychee, $39.90 whl

  • Hawaiian Noni Juice- $35.90 whl.

  • Newvera- Organic Aloe Vera Juice) $35.90 whl.

  • Maximol Minerals $28.80 whl.

  • D Toxarate-with potassium hydrogen d-glucarate, from fruits and vegies,  Fulvates (life force energy minerals),  and vitamin C, to lower cholesterol, reduce plaque, detoxify and purify the liver and entire system,  $34.90  whl.

  •    Green Qi Capsules- $39.910 whl.

  • Also recommended

  •     Perillyl Extract- lavendar, lemon and orange extract, liver and body cleansing, whl. $100.00

  •     Fulvates- What they are and where they come from

  •     Health  Benefits of Fulvates fulvates are in Maximol minerals

    Green Qi is now available in capsule form! Now you have the option of taking Green Qi Capsules when travel, a busy schedule, or other lifestyle factors tell you that convenience is important. Providing a robust supply of green-food ingredients, Green Qi Capsules features the same formula a Green Qi powdered mix, including extracts from fruits and berries, potent herbs, marine greens, and cereal grasses to replenish your body. Green Qi supports body stamina, anti-aging processes, and antioxidant capacity. It promotes detoxification in the gastrointestinal tract by encouraging friendly bacteria. It supports bone structure and health through the maintenance of body alkalinity. In addition, Green Qi reduces feelings of hunger.*

    Usage: Take 8 capsules with 8 oz. of water daily for 5 to 7 days to start, then take 6 capsules daily to maintain.

    Green Qi Capsules™, item #1712 (180 capsules) $36.10 whl
    Neways Green Qi™ (powder), item #1710, $30.50 whl


    Convert Your Bathroom Pack

    Convert Your Bathroom Pack, item #5990, $79.20 whl

 Products that are safe, effective and really work are heree

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