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The Direct Ship program is better than ever, and we have spiced it up with several new incentives that give you every reason to order on Direct Ship:
  • New Healthy Homes Direct Ship Packs—Simplify your Direct Ship order by choosing one of four Healthy Homes packs available for $150 wholesale and with 150 PV. Direct Ship has never been simpler!

    101084 Convert Your Home Pack
    Save $16.30
    101085 Cleanse Pack
    Save $17.20
    101086 Healthy Lifestyle Pack
    Save $20.55
    101087 Convert Your Health Pack
    Save $19.10

  • Huge shipping discounts—Save from 50–100% on your Direct Ship shipping costs when you maintain your 150 PV DS for two or more consecutive months.
  • No more 90-day waiting period to reinstate cancelled Direct Ships.
  • Special promotions available to 150 PV Direct Ship participants—You’re faithful and committed to your monthly purchase, and to show our appreciation we will have random special promotions for you and other 150 PV DS participants.
  • Monthly prizes—At the end of each month, all 150 PV Direct Ship participants will be entered into a drawing for great prizes such as iPods, digital cameras, and many other great gifts.
  • Direct Ship date changes—We are moving up Direct Ships earlier in the month (see below) to benefit you in three areas:
    1. You can better predetermine the volume of your organization
    2. You have the rest of the month to build
    3. You receive your Productivity Bonus faster—no more waiting up to six weeks, because this incredible bonus will be paid weekly!
  • Event attendance—Learn more about this outstanding benefit by checking out the Healthy Homes Growth Track.


DSHC Packs Your Key to Health & Wellness

Neways offers many life-changing nutritional supplements, but sometimes it can be challenging to choose which of all the many products to take, especially for someone new to Neways.

With the five Direct Ship Health Commitment (DSHC) Packs, Neways makes it easier than ever to choose products that fulfill our three-step Health & Wellness philosophy. Plus, these DSHC Packs provide a great way to build your Neways business.

The Neways Health & Wellness Philosophy

Your active, healthy life begins with the daily renewal and nutritional support of your body. Neways’ extensive Health & Wellness line promotes youthful vitality through scientifically advanced nutritional products. Formulated to both detoxify and nourish, these products fulfill the following steps*

Step 1 Renew Your Cells
Purify your body of toxins that can make you feel sluggish and slow your ability to generate life-enhancing energy.*

Step 2 Replenish Your Body
Nourish your body with vital nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and essential fatty acids.*

Step 3 Rejuvenate Your Health
Target your specific needs through unique combinations of nutrients that work with your body’s inherent wisdom.*

Choosing Your DSHC Pack

Now that your understand Neways’ three-step Health & Wellness philosophy, you can pick the DSHC Pack that’s best for you.

When you sign up for one of the following packs, Neways automatically ships you the pack each month. It’s the most convenient way to make sure you get all the products you need to improve your health. If desired, you can add additional products to your Direct Ship order to meet your personal health goals every month.*

Direct Ship Health Commitment Packs
Neways Core-4 Pack (Item #100661)

Maximol Solutions®
Neways Green Qi™
Omega 3 EPA
PV 100.00
Whsle $100.00
Neways Core-4 Plus Pack (Item #100662)

Life Enhancer® 300ct
Maximol Solutions®
Neways Green Qi™
Omega 3 EPA
PV 158.20
Whsle $158.20
Neways Life Enhancer Pack (Item #100663)

Life Enhancer® 200ct
Maximol Solutions®
Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni®
PV 109.90
Whsle $109.90
Neways Life Enhancer Plus Pack (Item #100664)

Life Enhancer® 300ct
Maximol Solutions®
Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni®
Omega 3 EPA
PV 165.95
Whsle $165.95
Neways Convert Your Health Pack (Item #100665)

Convert Your Bathroom Pack (2)
Life Enhancer® 300ct
Maximol Solutions®
Neways Green Qi™
Neways Skin Enhancer® 50ml
Omega 3 EPA
Resurrection Bio-Mist™
PV 326.70
Whsle $326.70

Or  Be on Direct Ship (monthly utomatic orders) in the following Categories, Bronze, Silver or Gold

$50, $100 or $150 monthly orders


Building Your Business with DSHC Packs

Not only do the DSHC Packs provide an excellent way to experience Neways’ nutritional products and make a monthly commitment to improving your health, but these packs can help you enroll more Distributors, retain more Distributors, and earn extra income. By sharing these packs, you can duplicate your business faster and enable your downline Distributors to automatically qualify each month.

Plus, the DSHC packs provide several additional bonuses for your new Distributors and you

For new Distributors who sign up with a DSHC Pack,  free product on their first product order.
After new Distributors purchase a DSHC Pack for three months, on $150, one-half price shipping, after one year free shipping while on $150 direct ship

Now is the time to take advantage of the DSHC Packs, so you can improve your daily nutrition and build your business to new heights of success.

And there are other options like the  to start your direct ship ordering with:  Start Your Day with the Convert Your Bath Pack

Neways Solid Start Promotions $300

 Starting at Bronze($50), Silver ($100) or Gold ($150) automatic monthly direct ships for commission position.

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