8 Characteristics of Successful Network Marketers

To shorten the learning curve, be the one who LISTENS to
what works.  Follow the system and seek advice from your
upline and support elements.

If you want time and financial freedom bad enough, you will
enable desire by taking action.  Enabling desire is when you
DECIDE to do something and wake up everyday with energy
to do what it takes to succeed.

Willingness to Work
This is no get rich scheme.  Like a good investment or physical
fitness, your success in any home business will take TIME and

Know WHY your doing WHAT you're doing.  In other words,
identify what your TOP three (or more) reasons are for achieving
time and financial freedom.  Passion allows you to endure the
bad days, weeks and months.  Passion allows you to stay in
the game long enough to live the promise. Passions allows
you to pay the price.

I will UNTIL.  Get an ATTITUDE about your FUTURE!  The
people who drive themselves further once the effort gets
difficult are the one's who win.

If it is meant to be, it's up to me.  Become the person who takes
the initiative to make things happen while others watch things
happen.  Create the independent environment for your sales
force by teaching the same principles.

Goal Setters
Everything in life starts on paper, so should you and your business.

Investors of Personal Development
Successful people invest money in themselves as often as needed.
New books, audio tapes, CDs or even training events are the
foundation of self-education.  It's who you BECOME.