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New Distributor Incentives: Free Product, Free Neways is Booming DualDisc™

As if our unparalleled business opportunity and awesome product offering are not reason enough to join Neways, we’ve added two more benefits for new distributors! 

Free Product

When a new distributor enrolls with Neways and places a product order in the same month of enrollment, we will send them a free product with their first order. Your new enrollees will love the opportunity to receive a free product that they can use themselves, share with family, or even resell and keep 100% of the profit. No matter how your new enrollees decide to use their free product, phenomenal Neways products will be introduced to people who would otherwise probably not get the chance to try them. That’s great news for everyone! 

Each quarter the free product offering is updated. 

April 1st through June 1st, 2008, your new distributors may select one of the following products when they place a product order at the time of signup. To select a free product, simply add it to the order form and write "FREE" in the wholesale price space. 










Tender Care, 250ml




ProThin Meal Replacement, vanilla




Radicate, 440ml




Sparkle, 440ml



Free Neways is Booming DualDisc™


To help new distributors get underway with their Neways business, we enclose a free Neways is Booming DualDisc™ with their first product order. This disc includes: 

  • Videos

    • Welcome to your Future

    • Network Marketing: Business is Booming

    • Neways: A Dynamic, Perfectly Positioned Company

    • Durian Fusion™: A Revolutionary Liquiceutical

    • What to Do Next

  • PDF Data Files

    • Guide to Getting Started

    • Make the Switch Checklist

    • Distributor Pricelist

    • Fax/Purchase Order Form

    • Distributor Application

    • Policies and Procedures Manual

    • Memory Jogger

    To sign up for free visit this website,


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