What to Say:

When you are talking with prospect, in most all cases additional income
will solve their problems and help them attain their core desires.
Sometimes you may have to tell them your core desire to get them to
think about theirs.
Here is what I say:

I donít know what is important to you.  Whatís important to me is
financial security for me and my family.  I donít mean just a job where
the income can be taken away by being laid off or fired.  I mean a cash
flow that is there every month and a large reserve in savings for
unknown expenses and to be able to take advantage of investment
opportunities.  I also want to control each days schedule without being
told what to do with plenty of free time for family and friends. And the
time to exercise, eat right and look after my health.
Neways International, which is the company I represent makes it all
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Hope this helps you in your business building.