Neways' Eliminator®Stablilized Chlorine Dioxide (Safe)
50 ml/1.7 oz. (Item #5712) 500 ml/16.9 oz. (Item #5716)

Made, used and sold pursuant to license under U.S. Patent Number 4,689, 215 and U.S. and foreign patents.

Eliminator® mouthwash utilizes Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide to safely break down and rinse away food film. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide was first developed to be used on canker sores. It is very gentle to the delicate tissues of the mouth, yet very aggressive towards bacteria and plaque. Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as an excellent bactericide, fungicide, and antimicrobial agent. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has approved Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide in food processing plants for sanitizing and controlling bacteria and mold.

Eliminator® is wonderful for many other uses, such as eliminating odors (stale smoke, pet odors, sick room, and foot odor), freshening thermos or baby bottles, air conditioning filters, eliminating refrigerator odors, and keeping vegetables fresh. Works great as a skin toner, for soothing sunburn and for acne. Eliminator® is an extremely important part of any household.

Wet toothbrush with Eliminator®, apply Ultra Shine Radiance  toothpaste and brush teeth, then rinse with Eliminator® do not use water and do not drink water or anything made with water for about 15 to 20 minutes after brushing.

Use on countertops, baby areas, toliets, sinks, cars, hands, face as a toner, boats, planes...

When applying to skin, wait until completely dry before applying additional products (such as Imperfection Lotion, Barrier Cream, Subdue, Wrinkle Garde, or any facial care product.)

16 oz, $9.00, wholesale, retail $12.55

50 ml, $2.10

30 Uses for Eliminator

Before you start, pour a large bottle of Eliminator into a spray bottle.

1. Odors
: For pet accidents on rugs or furniture, blot excess wetness and clean as normal. Saturate cleaned area with Eliminator spray and let dry. For rugs, spray directly on rug or pour Eliminator directly into a shampoo unit. Use Eliminator as a rinse and let dry. To use as an air freshener, spray area 10-15 minutes before company comes to freshen up the room. Also use Eliminator to freshen up stale smoke odors in cars by spraying carpets, headliners, and seats.

2. For Acne over 30: Massage Eliminator over clean face. Let it dry completely. Make sure Eliminator is completely dry. Eliminator may neutralize the effects of all other products. Eliminator is very powerful, but very safe. Then use Retention Plus, starting at the chest, massaging upward and outward to the forehead making sure you get the nose and eye areas well. Then use Bio-Mist in the same manner. Follow with Skin Enhancer. Use Bio-Mist again if necessary.

3. Thin Hair: Wash your hair with 2nd Chance Shampoo. Towel dry. Pour several drops of Eliminator all over the scalp. Massage in well. Let dry completely alone or with a blow dryer. Then use a few drops of 2nd Chance Scalp Conditioner over the shining area. Massage in well. Then you can use a heating cap for 10 minutes. Use a hot towel if necessary. The hot towel is excellent for men who wash their hair in the morning and find that the 2nd Chance Conditioner clings to the hair instead of the scalp. A hot towel will take excessive conditioner off the hair, and put it onto the scalp where it belongs.

4. Pet cages: When cleaning tanks and cages, wash out heavy deposits first. Then spray inside well with Eliminator and let stand 5-10 minutes. Let Eliminator dry on its own for best results.

5. Car sickness: When traveling with children who tend to get car sick, take your spray bottle and a roll of paper towels with you. Clean up any excess vomitus and spray area well. Also be sure to wash the child using Eliminator. Lingering odors tend to make things worse.

6. Sick room: Spray areas that come in contact with patient such as telephones, bedding, vomitus, urine accidents, food trays, and commode.

7. Vaporizers / mist units: Add 2-4 tablespoons of Eliminator to the water in the unit. Before storing, spray and clean with Eliminator. Let dry and store.

8. Air conditioner filters: After cleaning the filter, spray with Eliminator before reuse. Don't rinse.

9. Thermos bottles: Wash out and spray thermos with Eliminator. Let dry. Eliminator will take away stale tastes and smells. Spray before storing.

10. Baby bottles: Mothers that use plastic bottles for juice and milk can keep their bottles fresher longer. First wash the bottles normally, then spray with Eliminator and let stand 10 minutes, then rinse. Eliminator will remove the sour milk odor and taste.

11. Refrigerator / freezer odors: First clean out old, stale food and then spray refrigerator walls, drawers, and shelving with Eliminator.

12. Fruits and Vegetables: Use Eliminator to keep your vegetables or fruits fresher, longer. Before storing, first wash vegetables or fruits then spray with Eliminator.

13. Trash compactor odors: When changing the bag, spray Eliminator generously throughout the garbage collection area. Let dry.

14. Canning jars / storage containers: Wash jars or containers and let dry. Spray with Eliminator before storing.

15. Plastic juice containers: Wash well and then spray with Eliminator, letting it stand for 10 minutes. Then rinse.

16. Toys: Eliminator will keep toys sanitary and clean smelling. Spray with Eliminator and let dry.

17. Shower curtains: Spray curtain generously with Eliminator. Eliminator will deter mildew and odors. Existing mildew must be sprayed with bleach to remove it.

18. Boat cushions / outdoor furniture cushions: Spray well with Eliminator to prevent mildew and smells.

19. Luggage: Refresh interior of all types of luggage and bags with Eliminator. Prevents stale packing odors.

20. Head odors: Children tend to perspire through the head. First wash the hair with Ultimate Shampoo. Then spray the hair with Eliminator and comb through the hair.

21. Sunburn: Keep a chilled bottle of Eliminator in the refrigerator or cooler. Spray on sunburned areas for a soothing and cooling effect. Apply Rebound,  Wrinkle Garde and Skin Enhancer as soon as you realize you have been burned.

22. Onion odor on hands or cutting board: Spray hands or board with Eliminator and let dry.

23. Poison ivy / oak: Spray onto affected area. Eliminator will soothe the itch when chilled.

24. Toilet training: Spray walls and floor around toilet and bowl. Spray potty chairs as well. For maximum disinfecting power, clean areas regularly with Guardian.

25. Foot odor: After showering, spray feet with Eliminator and let dry. Also spray the inside of shoes and let dry.

26. Beard blemishes/rash (folliculitis): First wash area with Refresh Bath/Shower Gel. Then spray with Eliminator and gently rub into beard area.

27. Toner / skin refresher: Spray skin lightly with Eliminator and let dry. On hot days, use chilled Eliminator for a refreshing feeling.

28. Stale mouth refresher: Pour Eliminator in a small spray bottle. Your breath will be kissing sweet. Great for smokers.

29. Tea pots: Refresh your favorite tea pot by spraying with Eliminator. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse.

30. Bad breath?:
Of course, Eliminator works great as a mouthwash. Use at night with Ultrashine Toothpaste. No more morning breath.


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