Since April 7, 1997, the FDA has published reports on the dangers of toothpaste and soaps containing Sodium Fluoride, Cocoamide DEA, Propylene Glycol and Sodium Laurel Sulfate . There are WARNING LABELS on toothpaste, BUBBLE BATHS, ETC.,"Keep out of the reach of children under six.  If more than a pea size amount(OF TOOTHPASTE) is swallowed contact your poison control center immediately."  Unfortunately some manufacturers put it on the box that you throw away before using.


Cancer Prevention Coalition
(Two items here -- recent CDC report saying how wonderful fluoride is to
have in our drinking water; and words from Dr. John Yiamouyiannis giving
reason why it's not a good idea at all)

(from this morning's InfoBeat)

*** Water fluoridation a health boon for teeth damage, loss and disease

ATLANTA (AP) - Adding fluoride to the water supply led to a sharp decline
in cavities in children in the second half of the 20th century, making it
one of the century's most significant advances in public health, the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday. At the beginning
of the century, nearly everyone in every age group in the U.S. had some
sort of tooth decay. The most common treatment was to simply remove the
teeth. In fact, tooth decay was so rampant that the leading cause for
rejection from the military during both world wars was a shortage of
teeth, the CDC said in its latest report on the century's health advances.
Adding fluoride to public water supplies resulted in a 40% to 70% decline
in cavities among children during the second half of the century. See

(...and the following words were typed, by me,) for Dr. John Yiamouyiannis,
during a real-time conference event that took place February 4, 1996, in
Natural Medicine forum on CompuServe, entitled, "Fluoride: The Silent
Killer". This material is technically under copyright by both Dr.
Yaimouyiannis and others and CompuServe also, and is excerpted here under
Fair Use provisions.)

"...1990 the Chief Toxicologist of the Office of Drinking Water, whose
name is Dr. William Marcus, came out and claimed that the results from
the US Public Health Service clearly showed that fluoride caused cancer.
But since 1990 the US Public Health Service, who has endorsed fluoridation
since 1950, has tried to cover up this link. In 1992, because of his
statements, Dr. Marcus was fired from the US EPA. Thereupon he filed suit,
was reinstated in 1994, with a court finding that the only reason he was
fired was because of pressures brought upon the EPA to shut him up.

"The action continues against us; the more we show the harmful effects,
the more the promoters promote fluoridation. In 1995, the California
legislature, at a time when there's more evidence to show fluoridation's
harmful than ever before, passed a mandatory fluoridation bill for all of

"Needless to say, the worthless politicians in both the Senate and the
House (remember, this was passed overwhelmingly in both houses) along with
their equally worthless governor, Wilson, found it easy -- with the
pressure from organizations like AMA, ADA, American Hospital Association,
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association, and their state and local
affiliates, easily went along with the pressures and passed this
fluoridation legislation.

"... Fluoride has an adverse effect on cells which elaborate a protein
called collagen or their type. For example, the discoloration in teeth we
see as a result of fluoride at 1 ppm in the drinking water is due to its
interference with the proper extrusion of collagen-like proteins in the
enamel part of the teeth, which results in over-calcification of some
parts of the tooth and under-calcification of other parts.

"We get the -same- thing in bone, which leads to over-calcified brittle
bone in some parts, in other parts totally uncalcified bone. And ligaments
and tendons (again made of collagen synthesized by fibroblasts) which
should not be calcified at all, become calcified, leading to problems with
ligaments and tendons -- and, in addition to that, even
[fluoride-affected] protein collagen that is not calcified, since it does
not appear to be normal to the body, elicits an immune response causing
auto-immune reactions, which in turn lead to rheumatoid arthritis -- this,
in addition to the osteoarthritis caused when ligaments and tendons become

"On an entirely separate issue, fluoride used to be used at the turn of
the century to depress thyroid activity; and those who now live in
fluoridated areas will suffer from Chronic Fatigue, which by the way is
listed in the PDR as one side effect of those people drinking the amount
of fluoride found in a quart of fluoridated water."

"There's nothing left in the world to prove.  The scientific facts and peer reviewed articles facts are public knowledge. All that's worth doing is sharing this information and
to love one another, using any means available to that purpose."