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Connection Between Fluoride and Drug Industries,1999

 It is well to bear in mind that the first commercial use of fluoride  was for the Manhattan Project. Millions of tons were manufactured  (and continued to be produced throughout the cold war) in order to create weapons grade Plutonium and Uranium. The first human studies  were classified top secret under national security. One of the most  toxic chemicals known, fluoride ( not radioactivity) emerged as the  leading chemical health hazard of the US atomic bomb program, both for workers and for nearby communities.

 The first lawsuits in regard to the U.S. nuclear program were over flouride poisoning. Government scientists, through the Manhattan Project, were assigned to a  research-PR campaign to develop a 'friendly' profile for fluoride chemistry in order to mitigate the impending damages in extensive lawsuits arising from farmers after a New Jersey plant leak. This is the origin of the "studies" that show fluoride is good for your teeth (I can post the documentation on this as requested).

 When we allow commercial interests to directly and indirectly determine the public safety and exposure standards for one of the most toxic  chemicals on the face of the earth we can expect to find symptoms of fluoride poisoning extended throughout the current world population (eg., as noticeably elevated lead content is found in all modern skeletons). Global fetal accumulations of fluoride are now evident.
 Flouride polluted water (now the single greatest water pollution fact)

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