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Healing Jewelry to Adorn the Soul

Information on Healing Properties of  crystals and semi precious natural gemstones:

Red Jasper    Red Jasper

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall explains more on the healing powers behind these crystals. Also based upon Edgar Cayce's Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Meals and More. Used for thousands of years for healing the body, balancing the chakras, cleaning and cleansing, immune system boosters, and much more.

Pictures of some of the gemstones used in these creations

Many people believe that gemstones and crystals carry their own unique energies.

This energy may be used to help specific areas that are lacking in a person's life; whether emotional, physical, or spiritual.

While not intended as a "cure" or diagnosis, wearing a gemstone attuned to help a specific problem and faith in the stone's abilities may certainly help the individual in their area(s) of need.

The gemstones and crystals are matched to be of utmost benefit to the wearer, whether for general purposes or specific problems. Each piece of jewelry is custom-made to help you "heal" or "advance". Chronic pain, low self-esteem, dealing with grief or connecting with a higher consciousness are just a few areas to mention.

The gemstones may be made into a necklace, bracelet, watch or earrings,  key chains or eye glasses holders. Watches may be traditional or a "wrap-around" style of my own design; wrapping around the wrist twice to form a watch and a bracelet.  Copper, Sterling silver and gold-filled beads and fastenings are used as a rule. Sterling silver, gold filled or silver-tone charms and findings might need to be used, depending on the style of jewelry preferred. Individual stones may be silver or gold wire wrapped and made into jewelry for men.

Jewelry should not be worn by children under five or anyone who might put small objects into their mouth. Great care will be given to make each piece of jewelry. You can contact me to discuss how I can help to "heal". Any information given will be kept in strict confidence.

Agate is a very powerful healing stone that emits energy of strength, power and courage. Agate has a cleansing and stabilizing effect on the body.

Amazonite brings clarity, balance and insight and is soothing to the nerves.

Amber promotes a sunny, carefree and optimistic attitude. It enhances motivation, drive and stimulates happiness. Believed to increase strength and attract success, amber has a soothing effect on the body.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and contentment. It has the ability to absorb negative energy while emitting positive energy. It is considered a stone of wisdom as it increases ones psychic awareness. Amethyst is worn to enhance intuition, inspire creativity and encourage peace and stability.

Ametrine is a mixture of amethyst and citrine. Helps one to reach higher states of awareness, leading to peace, tranquility and balance. Facilitates in removing negative energy blocks in the body and replaces them with pure light.

Apatite is a stone of health, clarity and peace, it promotes the attitude that one's strength and willpower comes through love.

Aquamarine clears the mind and balances the emotions while strengthening personal power. It encourages a connection with the higher and spiritual self. Worn for good health, luck and love.

Aventurine-Green is nurturing to the heart and brings joy and acceptance. Evokes a positive attitude and a state of well-being.

Aventurine-Red inspires creativity and encourages balance and personal power.

Azurite has a purifying quality on the body and is worn to strengthen the mind and sharpen one's will. It promotes goodness, creativity and self confidence and helps to determine illusion vs. reality. Excellent to wear while studying and is good for communication, transformation and intuition.

Bloodstone is worn to lengthen life, attract wealth, strengthen confidence and increase physical strength.

Blue Ray Blue has the power to cleanse the mind, calm the soul, and balance mental functions. It encourages self expression.

Calcite~Beneficial to intellect and wisdom

Carnelian brings good luck and opportunity, awakens talents within and encourages creative visualization. It provides protection and was referred as the protection stone to warriors. Carnelian dispels apathy, helps to increase motivation, energy and endurance. It is a stone of strength, self-worth and satisfaction and helps to open doors while bringing joy, confidence and happiness.

Charoite assists in grounding the spiritual self and awakens intellect. It aligns the energy of love in the heart and the higher spiritual dimensions of the crown chakra together.

Chinese Coin The coin is an ancient symbol that possesses the power to draw good fortune. The round shape of the coin symbolizes heaven and the internal square represents earth. Visit our "Mystery of the Chinese Coin" Page for more information.

Citrine does not hold negative energy, rather is dissipates and transmutes energy. Citrine is referred to as the "merchant stone" because it helps to acquire prosperity. It is great for problem solving as it energizes and strengthens the solar plexus. It is a stone of happiness, openness, light, optimism and fresh beginnings. It also helps with depression.

Double Happiness Symbol (on love necklace) - This symbol is considered one of the most powerful for attracting marriage and luck in relationships.

Fluorite stabilizes the mind and emotions. Helps to align with the universe, releasing any negative energy that holds one back from being peaceful.

Ganesh is a Hindu god that is known as the remover of obstacles. He helps individuals to learn from their experiences so they can become stronger, wiser and open to opportunities that are often guarded by obstacles. It is believed that Ganesh blesses travelers, protects the wearer and assist in new ventures.

Garnet is a stone of health and energy. It is a lucky stone for love, success and popularity. Helps to move the chi and energy flow in the body and stimulates physical activity. Garnet is known as the "stone of health" because it dissolves emotional blockages in the body.

Green Ray Green represents abundance, renewal, growth and nature. It is a harmonizing, balancing and calming color. Green is a healing color that gives healing energy to the heart.

Green Tourmaline possesses a masculine energy that is filled with compassion.

Hematine grounds energy and encourages focus and original thinking. It assists in balancing the mind, body and spirit. Hematine helps to enhance endurance and strengthen memory. It is protective, calming and cleansing to the body and is a strengthening stone that helps the wearer connect to the earth, leaving them feeling safe, secure and grounded.

Hessonite strengthens self-confidence and encourages one to reach for their dreams. Iolite attracts friends and releases an energy of leadership and self-confidence. It helps the wearer to take charge of their life and broaden their perspective, leading to success in their endeavors.

Iolite also helps to eliminate debt by encouraging the wearer to take responsibility on how to manage finances.

Jade is considered a powerful lucky charm. Jade is believed to improve vitality and is associated with wisdom, peace and harmony. Jade aids in problem solving, reaching dreams,goals and ideas. Brings Balance!

Jasper (red) is a nurturing and healing gemstone. It stimulates physical energy, vitality and circulation and has a stabilizing effect on the body.

Kyanite encourages the wearer to be all they can be. It is good for uplifting one's mood and encourages a state of bliss by allowing the wearer to express happiness. Kyanite also calms the throat chakra which is the center of expression on the body. It helps to clear energy blockages and align the chakras.

Labradorite clears and opens the crown chakra by stimulating the wearer's intuition.

Lapis Lazuli is believed to have existed since "before time was born". It is a stone of wisdom, awareness and perfection. Is worn to make the wearer more aware and to encourage a state of serenity.

Lepidolite is a stone of transition. Malachite is an overall healing stone that stimulates and balances the heart chakra. It facilitates the release of negative experiences so one can heal and regain hope. It is very inspiring, purifying and compassionate and attracts love by opening the heart.

Malachite expands the ability to love and draw love to the wearer, allowing them to communicate more easily.

Moonstone assists with greater clarity and light while opening doors to one's inner capabilities. It is considered a talisman for good fortune and success as it helps the wearer to see all possibilities and discard tunnel vision. Moonstone stimulates confidence and is worn by travelers for protection. It is also believed to increase fertility and honors the energy of the moon. It is a very feminine stone.

Moss Agate is worn to attract new friends, wealth and happiness. Helps to make the wearer extremely lucky. It also strengthens the immune system and brings overall balance to the body.

Onyx is worn for protection and inspiration. Helps to calm one's fears, leaving them feeling stable and secure. It releases negativity while encouraging self-control.

Orange Ray Orange represents confidence, joy and enthusiasm. A color that is sociable, creative and fun, orange is self assured, cheerful and independent.

Peridot is an excellent stone for cleansing, healing and aligning the heart chakra. It releases energy of softness and warmth and is nurturing to the wearer.

Pink Tourmaline promotes love, joy, peace, friendship and spirituality. Allows the wearer to trust in the power of love.

Purple Ray Purple represents transformation, creativity and spiritual awareness. It is a protective, wise and a royal color. Purple is associated with intuition and the mystical side of life.

Pyramid Pendent (on clarity and inner light) - The shape of the pyramid amplifies, protects and assists in focusing energy. It is symbolic of the trinity of mind, body and spirit.

Quan Yin is the Goddess of mercy and compassion.

Quartz Crystal (clear) is a stone of manifestation that energizes and activates the energy centers within the body. It helps the wearer to think clearly, allowing them to focus and become clear about their dreams and desires. Assisting with spiritual development, quartz crystal assists in removing blockages in the body so energy can flow smoothly.

Red Jasper Reduces emotional/mental stress, .powerful physical healer

Rose Quartz is a stone of love that helps to open the heart and connect to the energy of love. It is rejuvenating to both the physical and emotional body and assists the wearer to remain present, calm and peaceful.

Rutilated Quartz is an energy enhancer because it enhances the energy of other stones that it is with. It stimulates movement while aligning mind and body. The Egyptians believed that it helps to fend off the effects of aging. Rutilated quartz contains thin threads of minerals that are referred to as "angel threads." Because it contains angel threads, it is believed to attract angels to the wearer.

Smokey Quartz is a stone that helps to ground and connect the wearer to the earth, allowing them to keep their feet on the ground and remain balanced. It assists in removing mental and emotional blockages, relieving pain and dispersing negativity from the body. It is worn for emotional support and helps to dissolve anger and resentment.

Sugilite is a stone of openness, spirituality and psychic awareness. It fortifies our sixth sense by integrating psychic abilities with everyday life. Sugilite helps the wearer to believe in themselves and increases their ability to stay committed in both personal and work relationships. It is a very magical stone. Sunstone is healing to the body during times of high stress and serious illness.

Sunstone promotes a sunny and positive attitude, encourages self-worth and self-esteem. It also enhances motivation and drive by adding extra energy to the physical body.

Tiger's Eye is a stone of courage, strength, will and personal power. It is very sensual, grounding and insightful and is considered a good luck stone. It is worn to help promote energy flow through the body and because it encourages stability and support through stressful times. It also helps digestion and overall health.

Tourmaline balances female and male energies within the body. It is a powerful healer that helps to let go of pain and uncertainty by assisting in balancing the heart chakra.

Turquoise is a master healing stone that helps to strengthen the entire body. It is often called the "stone of health." Turquoise helps to sooth the throat and nervous system. It promotes health, peace and inner calm and is worn for communication, luck and love.

Unakite is worn to assist the wearer in unlocking blockages to help them deal with issues of the past so they can live in the present, in the now. It is a stone of leadership that encourages growth, gentleness and love.


The following is from book called Stones and Healing- by Shelley (author) on the book from

Edgar Cayce discussed elements, stones, gems, their chemical makeup,

The number 8 is an abundance number.

Ruby red, root chakra, slower frequency

Purple has a higher frequency

Garnet: Root and Spleen Chakra. Warms, energizes emotionally and physically (arthritis, frostbite, paralysis), grounds. Used by ancient cultures. Exhaustion, low Blood Pressure, detoxing and strengthening blood, muscles, kidneys, gallstones. Stimulates life force and sexuality, hormone balance, antibodies, fertility, persistence, stamina, passion, confidence (and stubbornness). Yang (avoid if excess anger, impatience, high blood pressure, heat, inflammation, etc.) Root Chakra


  1. Bloodstone- Edgar Cayce talks about this stone, it has dark green with red flecks.

  2. Infinite serpentine- green, mined in Africa. Holding this stone, it sometimes turns black. Good for back problems, aches, pains. Magnesium based stone. Salt,  soak, Epsom, sea salt powerful healing and cleansing. Magnesium works with bodily functions and pulls out impurities and inflammation. Removes toxins.

  1. Flourite relieves allergies, put in eye sockets, drains sinus, helps with concentration and understanding.

  2. Lapis- Cayce mentions. Egypt physical healing to individual, migraines and acid reflux.

  3. Sodalite- dark bluer white bands, thyroid, hypoglycemic. Works with thyroid function and glucose problems.

  4. Quartz family- energy giving, solid green relaxing for nighttime.

  5. Citrine- yellow- solar plexus, confidant. Dealing with money, put stones on body before am before selling anything.

  6. Amesthye= purple to develop physch, opening up spiritual

  7. Nematite- grounding stone- put in bowl in living room, iron ore, Amatite  takes on negative energy

  8. Rose quartz- removing wrinkles, lose weight.

Matching necklace and earrings, bracelets, key chains and eyeglasses holders also available for sale

More information google in "healing stones and crystals".

Crystals have been part of our world for many centuries and civilizations. With the raising of the consciousness at this time on Mother Earth, crystals have been here, eagerly awaiting our embrace of them.. Crystals - they hold the mysteries of the Universe within their consciousness.

Crystals are Pure consciousness. Beings of Pure Love. Unclouded by human issues,, they are able to enfold us in their love without judgment, without conditions. Their only desire is to assist us in recognizing the beauty that we are. We have at times forgotten our true essence, have been enshrouded in pain and frustration, and have forgotten that we are also Pure Love. The crystals support us by holding a vibration that allows us to see and feel our issues and blocks so that we may clear them and move into greater light.

Crystals are vibrational beings - like you and I. Learning to embrace them and feel them in your life will enhance you in ways that open you up to a greater expression of yourself - to the you that knows at the deepest level of your being - that you are All That Is. The most important thing to know is - there is no right or wrong with crystals. There are no rules. They crystals themselves hold only Love. They are Pure Consciousness and therefore know only Pure Love. Where Love is held, there can be no wrong choices. Only grace.

 About Energy 




Everything is energy. We are energy. Plants, sound, crystals and even our food is energy. It is us and everything around us. When we understand this, we then realize that it is possible to change energy. Understanding how you feel energetically allows you to alter your vibration and the energy around you.

Crystals are valuable for enhancing positive energetic states and drawing out your unique talents. Whatever you wish to have more of in your life will be graciously gifted to you when you invite crystals into your world. Having them in your environment, or carrying them on your person, can assist in amplifying the harmonious energies already in place.

Crystals also provide assistance in releasing any blocks we may have in our life or body that prevent balanced flows of energy. The crystals support us in uncovering what is not working for us. They do this through the vibrations that they hold. Their vibrations resonate with our soul and helps us to see what we need to embrace, change or release in our lives.

Crystals are also valuable allies in helping us to remain grounded. Connecting with a crystal - a part of Mother Earth - assists us in staying in the moment and keeps our energy focused in our physical body


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