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Hi, I'm Shelley R. Kramer and I Welcome you to my website for information on health, wellness, gardening and more...


A Passion for
Passion Flowers

with Jorge Ochoa 

Wednesday, June 1st 7:00 p.m.

  Point Dume Club House

29500 Heathercliff Drive,

Malibu, CA.

Journey into the fascinating world of passion flowers: their intricate blossoms, delicious fruit, beautiful vines and amazing insect interactions. Learn how to enjoy them in your Southern California garden, whether it is large or small.

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Information about Healthy Lifestyles

In visiting this website you will  also learn Information on how to live a Healthy Lifestyle with Safe, Health conscious products for your bodies and homes, the Environment and the Planet!

We are Dedicated to finding safety conscious resources for the consumer health and wellness products industry, that empower consumers and help them make informed healthy product choices, without controversial and questionable ingredients.

I lost my beautiful mom in 1982, at age 56 from breast cancer. She had worked for Revlon cosmetics putting toxic cosmetics on women across the US for 20 years. I am a cancer survivor myself and do not want to happen to my Mom or me to happen to anyone else.

I am a cancer survivor who is passionate about this health issue and has made it my life's mission to educate the public on the avoidable risks of cancer from daily used questionable ingredients by helping them read labels and understand there are safety conscious alternatives available

Shelley's Newest business: non toxic for babies, men and women personal care, beauty products and household products


Mosaic Art -Shelley's artistic projects:

Inspired by Spain's famous "Gaudi"


Sides of the Mailbox (not grouted)


Here are some pieces I have been creating lately and I hope you might enjoy in your home.

Mosaic Art work, on potted plants and wall hangings. Here are some pictures.

This one is called Imagine


This one is called Friends can be used as a trivet

This one is called Dream

This is how I make the tiles on the ceramic pots, first creating them flat on mesh. Then glueing to terra cotta pots. Then grouting and cleaning each tile. Lots of time and work, but I love it.


These are just one side each of 5" glazed ceramic pots, no grouting.



Another safe and healthy nutritional product line can be found at:

"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." Marcel Proust


 People want to Know how to stop Climate Engineering



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