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Industry News-Cosmetic Safety Is Back in the Spotlight-2005

The issue of cosmetic and personal care safety is back in the spotlight, with recent news being reported from California.

This April, two bills were introduced into the California state legislature that aim to prevent questionable ingredients from being used in personal care products. Assembly Bill 908, sponsored by Assemblywoman Judy Chu, prohibits the use of two types of phthalates in personal care products within the state of California. Both of the substances in question are already banned in the European Union.

Senate Bill 484, authored by Senator Carole Midgen, is much more general legislation that aims to ensure the safety of products sold in California and prevent any questionable ingredients from being used in cosmetic formulations. Under Senate Bill 484, manufacturers would have to provide the state of California with a list of their personal care products and identify products containing chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity.

These bills would counter the current practice of not listing certain product ingredients on the product label because they are considered part of a fragrance. This California legislation would also satisfy critics who are concerned about the loophole in federal cosmetics law that makes the FDA responsible for cosmetics, yet does not provide them with power to approve ingredients. Right now, this loophole allows manufacturers to use chemical ingredients that have never been tested for safety.

Obviously, both of these measures face significant opposition from industry groups and cosmetic companies. If passed, California would have some of the strongest legislation in the world governing the safety of personal care and cosmetic products.

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