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 Neways Keratonics Hair Care Systems

Keratonics™ is an enhanced salon grade line utilizing exotic botanicals to provide professional-quality results with safe, gentle, and effective ingredients.  

Keratonics™ offers a higher level of performance for hair that needs more versatile styling and a broad range of environmental protection and colour preservation.


Bring the salon home
Beauty, high-tech protection and exotic world botanicals - all from Keratonics™. 

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Neways has developed a new hair care system called Keratonics, based upon new science, new art, and new technology that has never been used before in hair care.  Our range of hair care products are non-irritating. They are designed to cleanse and balance sensitive scalps as well as normal scalps, leaving hair healthy and manageable.  They are suitable for the whole family.


After Neways hair care products are used correctly for a couple of weeks, the most remarkable results will be seen.  Following the first application the hair will have more bounce, luster and shine along with better color and manageability.  The build up from tallow-based conditioners (which attract dust, etc.) will be removed – allowing the hair to reflect the light and shine naturally.  The hair will continue improving with each application, even if permed, tinted, or bleached by chemical treatments.  Our hair care products are suitable for ALL hair types.


Neways always uses effective levels of natural botanicals—not just sprinklings so we can say we have it. Our botanicals are included at levels that research shows are most effective for the health and beauty of your hair. With the Keratonics products, you get high-performance hair care with ingredients created in nature and refined by science. Your hair will never go thirsty again.


Tip: These products are VERY concentrated – you only need to use a small amount.
  • Neways has developed a hair care system based on new science, new art, and new technology
  • Keratonics line takes special care of dry hair, even if it’s damaged, infusing it with concentrated, natural ingredients to nourish your hair. In every bottle of products you get the very latest in hair care science: silk amino acid technology from Japan.
  • We’ve also included Neways’ proprietary UrbanScreen™ Complex, which bolsters hair against environmental stresses and pollution.
  • Inexpensive to use because they are concentrated – last 2-3 times longer than conventional hair products
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • Many shampoos leave a residue-like film on the hair, creating heaviness and lack of manageability. This problem increases with each shampoo. with Neways products, this does not happen, and your hair will stay clean for several days longer, and be able to brush out any product residue without problem.


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