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King's  Court 4 Pack- Durian Fusion, Maximol Minerals, Hawaiian Noni, Newvera Aloevera


Durian Fusion is the first-ever premium fruit-based supplement made from durian, the King of Fruits, featuring a unique blend of tropical fruits to deliver potent phytonutrients that can energize your life, revitalize your spirit, and support your overall vitality.

Primary Use:
Whole Fruit Supplement


Maximol Solutions is a mineral complex with ORAC power to protect you against free radical damage, fight the effects of aging, and help you enjoy enhanced nutrition Ė amazing benefits you canít afford to live without.

Primary Use:
Mineral Supplement


Neways Authentic Hawaiian Noni is a life-enhancing fruit blend featuring fresh-picked Noni and other health-building fruits to boost the bodyís natural defense system.

Primary Use:
Immune Supplement


Naturally flavored with a blend of fruit juices, herbal teas and honey, NewVera is a preservative-free aloe vera juice blend that promotes cleansing and digestive health.

Primary Use:
Digestive Supplement

Neways Distributors and Preferred Customers and Website buyers receive wholesale price 
All Four Products for only $113.25,  (Retail $161.75)

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