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  About This Website

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my Web Site. My name is Shelley R. Kramer, and I have been successfully self-employed, starting and running several of my own businesses for more than 45 years.  I hold several certifications and college degrees, with memberships in many health related and non profit organizations and associations in many health and holistic related fields.  As a cancer survivor myself,  but having lost my Mom to cancer when she was just 56, I am passionate about helping people with understanding how to have a healthy home and healthy lifestyle for  for themselves, their babies, pets, homes and the environment.

I hope that you will to let me help you learn how to create a "healthy home" and will want to learn and understand about taking care of your own health. Within my website you can learn how to read labels and assess your choices in your purchases of safe and healthy, effective personal care, beauty cosmetics and  Nutritionals. You can also learn about breathing clean air and drinking clean water.

I am currently active and involved as a Public Health  and Cancer Prevention and Awareness Educator, Consumer Product Advocate and Consultant in Environmental Health, Nutrition, Personal Hygiene and Beauty Care.  I am  the local office director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition for the Los Angeles, CA, area, and  was on the District Advisory Committee for Health and Safety for the Santa Monica-Malibu School District.   I also helped with the CA State Dept of Health Services, Skin Cancer Prevention Program.  and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

As members of the Cancer Prevention Coalition website, we educate the public with seminars and scientific literature on information  awareness of avoidable risks of cancer from the questionable and controversial chemical ingredients in everyday personal hygiene and beauty products. List of our seminars

Please feel free to read the information on Your Right to Know page and learn what chemicals you are putting in and on your bodies.  When you Learn about  safe, effective, choices in products available to you, then you are able  to make safe, logical, informed decisions and healthy product choices.

I hope you find the information contained within my web and would like to participate in sharing this information with the public.


My Personal Information Page

Shelley R. Kramer


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 Zero Point Energy Fusion Technology website

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Since 1974 I have been creating Interior Tropical Paradises with Flowers and Plants in homes, offices, showrooms, restaurants, weddings,  and parties, etc.  I was featured  in 1978 on   NBC 6 pm News, 2 nights,  the David Horowitz Consumer Guidelines, as an Interior Plant Specialist with before and after renditions of how plants can brighten up rooms. I am a founding  member of the California Interior Plantscape Association. In September, 1999,  I was featured on CyberRadioTV, streaming video for one hour as a Public Health Educator on Avoidable Risks of Cancer.  In October, 2000, I was seen on TV in the UK on BBC, Sky 1, "Chars to the Stars, Service People to the movie stars." I was featured as the "Interior Flower and Plant Lady to the stars."

My other Successful business is called--
Creative Environments, Flowers and Plantscapes since 1974

Helping people prevent cancer before it starts--


My Passion and Mission right now is To Help People Prevent Cancer Before it Starts and solutions for healing the body afterwards With Healthy Alternative Products for Clean Air, Clean Water and Safe, Effective Products for Your Body

My research for the past 32 years has been to learn how to prevent cancer in every area and arena possible. Cancer rates (click here) have increased to 1 in 3 people since the turn of the century. Why are cancer rates so high?  Because of Environmental pollutants, pesticides and chemicals in personal hygiene and beauty products. Many of the ingredients you don't understand are known carcinogens in your everyday personal care products My goal is to share the information that has been gathered and the facts and scientific studies done and recorded by researchers, authors, scientists, declaring chemicals in our everyday products as potentially increasing our risks of cancer. We educate and teach people what  chemicals to look out for and avoid on their personal hygiene and beauty products, and  which products make wise and logical choices.

I am particularly concerned about children's health, their systems are extremely vulnerable to all the toxins out there.

Click here to see the Children's information page.

Safe, Healthy Products for Yourself, your children, pets, homes and the environment!

--The Reason why we use the above "safe" products is because of all the  below chemicals listed on the Material Safety Data Sheets , which are used in shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, cosmetics, deodorants  Read about them here  harmful ingredients and known carcinogens  listed on Material Safety Data sheets: Chemicals such as  propylene glycol (PG and PEG) (industrial antifreeze), sodium lauryl sulfate (garage floor cleansers and engine degreasers), Cocoamide DEA (from the coconut plant)(diethanolamine) lauramide DEA (diethylolamine),  TEA (triethanolamine) (MEA)  Lauramide DEA, TEA, MEA),  sodium fluoride, (rat poison) mineral oil and  petrolatum (both gasoline derivatives) glycerin(synthetic), lanolin (dioxin contaminated) and more..

Scientific Information on Chemicals in Everyday Products

Your Decisions As Health Product Consumers

 Pure Essential Oils


The Original CHI Machine

Sun Harmony "CHI Machine" "I also love using the "Original Sun Harmony CHI Machine"

"I can't imagine not having one". One Happy Owner and daily User. Also introducing another Health Aide: The CHI Machine. Effortlessly Increases Oxygen to every cell, helps produce new red blood cells,, Stress Reduction, Cell Rejuvenation, Constipation, Arthritis, Fibromayalgia, Circulation, Blood flow,  Release of Blocked Energy, Lymphatic System Drainage, toxic avenger, and FDA approved as a Class 1 Medical Device, therapeutic exerciser and more… works on the spine and all internal organs...  Passively Aerobically stimulate your entire body in just 3 minutes... Shelley Kramer INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR  #133754  Information about: THE CHI MACHINE AND HOTHOUSE: Questions on how to

Another Business : Artistic Art and Tile Work, Murals and Faux Painting-Homes, Offices, Schools


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And Another business : Healing Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry to Adorn the Soul

Questions on how to avoid cancer?  We have the Facts, the Answers and the Solutions -Switch and Stay Healthy with Safe, Effective Products and Live A Healthy, Alternative, Non Toxic Life Style! 

I love to help people with their health and preventing cancer

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