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Maximol Solutions
480 ml / 16 oz. (Item #1840 Raspberry-flavored)

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  Maximol Solutions is composed of trace minerals found in humic shale deposits, and the mineral-rich waters of the Great Salt Lake -- A modern-day remnant of the pre-historic Lake Bonneville. Neways then removes toxic heavy metals and standardizes 12 of the most important minerals. The sub-colloidal solution is ionically charged and organically complexed with Fulvic Acid. from Fulvates.

Fulvates  Health Benefits are very beneficial Solutions-Fulvic Acid is an organic electrolyte that is able to hydrate and replenish the body during and after high-energy physical exertion. Fulvic Acid is the carrier of the life giving minerals--it delivers nutrients and picks up toxins and heavy metals to process them out of the body.

Minerals need to be combined with each other in the proper balance in order for them to be assimilated by the body and function at their optimal capacity. Vitamins also need to interact with each other to do their best work. When these ingredients are together they work synergistically and become extremely powerful.

Maximol Solutions has twice the amount of minerals as Mineral Solutions (a super-saturated solution), plus a vitamin complex, amino acid complexes, and 30 enzymes. A patented liposomal multi-lamellar (layer upon layer) delivery system dramatically increases the absorption of Maximol Solutions. It is the greatest nutritional elixir you can buy -- no exceptions.

Best when used with:
Maximol Solutions is compatible with all other Neways health products. Take on an empty stomach before any other supplements.

Take 1/2 oz once or twice daily on an empty stomach. Maximol Solutions can be mixed with juice. We recommend mixing 1 oz of juice with 1/2 oz Maximol Solutions. Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening to maintain shelf life.



Fulvates are now in  Maximol Solutions and D-Toxarate

Essential and vital to nutrition, fulvates are nature's life force energy. Invisible to the naked eye, these microscopic electrolytes empower all living organisms. Without fulvates, virtually all land-based life could not exist. These immense source of electrical energy supports revitalizing cell metabolism, a significant increase in organ respiration rates, and boosts overall health potential.

Fulvates are water-based organic electrolytes (substances that dissolves in water and are capable of conducting an electrical charge). Fulvates are composed of low-eight or small molecular substances secreted by microorganisms in the soil enabling plants to provide life force energy to plants and animals.

Properties of Fulvates

For minerals to be effectively utilized by living organisms, they must first be converted from their colloidal or metallic state to a microscopic subcolloidial or ionized state. More info on request.

Delivery of Nutrients

Scientists postulate that fulvates also play a vital role in the process of providing nutrients essential and trace minerals for use by the human body, turning inorganic mineral elements into readily absorbable and bioavailable substances. More info on request.

Elimination of Toxins

Fulvates also function as aggressive antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radical toxins. Fulvates escort neutralized free radicals out of the body as waste.

Fulvates serve a dual role within the human body. They deliver life force energy, substantial electrical energy, minerals and other nutrients to the body. They clear out toxins, energy depleted nutrients and exhausted minerals from the cell.

 Fulvates Support Health Benefits

*Enhance skeletal health by supporting the natural body process that utilize calcium and all minerals for strong bones.

* Promote healthy, supple skin when applied topically

* Enhance trace mineral bioavailability

* Support duration of essential nutrients in body cells

* Maintains protein metabolism, thus supporting optimum body synthesis of RNA and DNA

*Support the body's many enzymatic functions

* Maintains already normal ATP production, thus providing enhance energy stores to the cell.

*Supports and maintains protein metabolism by mediating health efforts.

* Boosts bioavailability of nutrients essential to cellular processes.

* Helps support the body against the toxicity of known carcinogens.

*Supports against damage caused by toxic substance, specifically heavy metals and free radicals, when found in the body

*Enhances intestinal permeability to the minerals calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and sulfate.

* Acts as an electron donor to promote effective electrical charging and communication in the cell.

*Supports the body against high levels of toxic heavy metals in the kidneys.

*Supports efficient and more complete distribution of nutrients.


Product Reviews: Neways Maximol Solutions

Reprinted from Cutting Edge Opportunities Magazine
Volume 7, Issue 11, November 1998
By Dawn Josephson

Colloidal mineral solutions are certainly popular these days. Whether in comes in a pre-mixed drink or individual do-it-yourself serving packs, colloidal minerals have caught the attention of nearly every American.

What's all the fuss? Well in case you haven't already heard, soil depletion, poor crop rotation, and loss of valuable top soil due to flooding and over-irrigation has impacted much of the trace mineral content from our modern food dupply. As a result of these trends, people are consuming more and more food to fulfill their dietary needs but retaining less and less nutrition. The consequences of our poor diets show up as obesity, fatigue, and irritability.

Luckily, Neways is reacting to this alarming situation with their product called Maximol Solutions. Packed with 67 essential and trace minerals, 17 essential vitamins, 21 amino acids, three enzymes, and lactobacillus acidolphilus, Maximol Solutions provides maximum mineral bioavailability for your mineral-deprived system.

After just a few days on the Maximol Solutions I noticed my energy level increase dramatically. But whereas some mineral drinks tend to make me nervous, jittery, or anxious, the Maximol Solutions simply gave me solid, consistent energy. Each evening I felt just as refreshed as I did in the morning, and I no longer needed to rely on caffeine to get me through the day.

Additionally, since I was now giving my body the minerals it needs for proper daily functioning, my food cravings disappeared. By simply eating three balanced meals a day and taking two doses of Maximol Solutions, I was able to get all the proper nutrition without stockpiling the food.

Overall, Maximol Solutions lived up to its promise of increased health and energy. So if you need a little help to lead the active lifestyle you desire, Maximol Solutions may be your answer.

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