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January 18, 2007

Dear Mimi,


How I miss you so much. I know you say you are okay up there, out of complete pain and discomfort and, as you would always say, “happy as a clam and a happy camper”. That is good for you but sad for all of us remaining here.


You will always be a special part of all of our hearts, because of your “huge heart” You taught us so much during your precious time here.  From the beginning you taught us strength in the eyes of adversity.


Coming into this world with challenges and dealing with these health challenges your entire life, you had an amazing 49 years of great accomplishments.


You ran a successful aerospace business for many years. You were the honorary Mayor of Wilmington, CA. You received the adorable and perfect daughter you always dreamed of, and what an adorable and delightful child you received. Samantha Joy is the ultimate fulfillment and joy and was your life.  You were blessed with being able to be with Samantha Joy along her 14 year journey, driving and flying to all those volleyball tournaments. Now you can just relax and watch the games, and not have to do all that driving or traveling by plane. Samantha Joy will also not have to hear you yelling at her during the games.


When you were young you built a balloon business, called Balloons Global. you went to Samohi, USC and University of Geneva. You traveled to Hawaii many times with your family.

 You built the house you always wanted.

Your sensitivity and compassion to all creatures and things that mattered  was a personality trait that everyone could embrace. You were always there for anyone who needed you and you always gave your all when asked without any questioning or any judgment. Your opinions were highly valued as you  had good intuition and saw insight into situations that others could not. You were full of life and love to all you met and always helpful to others without being judgmental. Loving all things living and growing, you took care of homeless dogs until you found good homes for them.


Your only problem was not getting good hospital help faster when you really needed it. We know you hated hospitals. You thought you were a little smarter than what was going on in your body. Your mind is so strong you thought you could fight it and get rid of the multiple health issues taking over your body.  You lost this round. Your fighting these health issues has ended.


Our loss will never leave us and a bright star will be carried in our hearts.

We know you are in a better place and feel great, and we will always love and remember the “bright blue eyed lady with the big, white, teethy smile, energy and enthusiasm.” You were only 49, but lived almost one half a century.


Love and remembrance always, Shelley


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