The company – Neways International

The enterprise that would blossom into Neways began on the kitchen table of  an industrial chemist and his wife, that were appalled at the harmful industrial chemicals allowed in US personal care products. The couple started formulating safe, toxin-free products, beginning with shampoo and conditioner. As the product line grew and word spread around the world, people embraced this mission of providing safer alternatives and Neways was founded in 1987.

Since that time, Neways has grown and is approaching a billion dollars in annual sales with more than 1,200 employees and over a million distributors world wide. Their state of the art research, manufacturing and shipping facilities, including the largest one in the southern hemisphere, means customers receive their products quickly. They  provide hundreds of safe and effective personal care products, beauty cosmetics, nutritionals, household cleaners and pet products. Neways products are renowned worldwide and sell in over 29 countries, including Europe, where many U.S. cosmetics are not allowed because of their potentially unsafe ingredients.

Neways is pleased to help schools and other non-profit organizations raise funding via their safe and effective products

Your NewWaystoFundraise.com Representatives are:

Kathy Drew has 16 years in sales and marketing and past experience with a fundraising company. She has two children and has spent many a time pouring over a fund raiser catalog herself, wishing there was something in it she wanted or needed to buy, not just poor quality cookie dough or trinkets that will end up being discarded. She is pleased to offer these products that are things families already buy and must buy; just safer and better quality. She likes being able to give people products that are necessities to use as a source of raising funds for their kids, so that the dollars are not extra dollars a family must come up with.

Shelley R. Kramer has experience in environmental health consulting and is the director of the Los Angeles chapter of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. She has been involved in the cancer prevention field for over 25 years. She is passionate about helping people with their health and preventing cancer and spreading the word about safe personal care and beauty cosmetics at the same time. She has had several cancer tumors removed herself and lost her Mom to cancer when she was just 56 years young in 1982. She had worked for Revlon cosmetics for 20 years putting chemicals on women across the US.

Fred and Paula Gallegos joined Neways Fundraising because cancer has hit home with them—twice in the past 2 years. Paula lost a brother (age 42) to melanoma last year, and Fred lives with the after-effects of his battle every day. They believe that Fred’s throat cancer was a direct result of his twice-daily use of a well known potent alcoholic mouthwash, exacerbated at a time when his mind and body were under stress. [Incidentally, Fred has passed the 2-year mark in his recovery and is cancer-free at this time.] The doctors believe he is home-free. This is not without diligent efforts on their part to keep him using all non-carcinogenic personal care products as well as Neways nutritionals. Fred and Paula have 7 grown children and 9 grandchildren, and seeing them grow up in a non-toxic environment is foremost on their priority list.

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