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Fundraiser Commission Example


400 students- $25 average order 357 students place orders-357 X $25. = $8925.


First commission earned is 10% -$792.50


A few days before the end of the month, the first 1000 dollars in orders are input to maximize percentage earned by the school.  Then on the first day of the second month, the school inputs the remaining $7925 in orders, earning $ on the release of the fund raiser at 10%.  However, from that time forward and forever, the school will make a percentage of all monthly sales resulting in dramatic increases in their commissions earned.


The commission earned the 2nd  month is $1600. 


The following month, the school sends home a flyer provided by Neways reminding parents of the products and announcing any sales or promotions in products.  This results in an order for the month of approximately 32% of students.  400 students x 32% = 128.  The average order of a returning customer is $50. or higher.  Thus 128 students X $50. = $6400 X 20%=$1600.00


The commission earned the 3rd month is $2100.


In the 3rd month following the fund raiser, the school sends home the flyer provided by Neways reminding parents that purchase of products earns contributions for the school and that by referring other people to the products outside the school population, that they can earn additional contributions.  School passes out flyers at sporting events in addition.  This results in an increase in orders contributed to the school of an additional 10 %.  400 X 10% = 40.  40 + 128 = 168 X average order of $50 = $8400.


The commission earned in the 2nd year release of fund raiser is $2575

2nd year


Repeat of fund raiser.  Packets go home with students including 80 new students.  Orders returned by 362 students X $25. average first time order.  362 X $25. = $9050   Plus monthly orders from 32% of 80 students in graduating class and from those outside of school population = 25 X $50 returning order = $1250.  $1250 returning orders + $9050 in new orders = $10,300.

Disclaimer* This is an example of a fund raiser only and should not be accepted as the results every school will achieve


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