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  Simple fundraising, easy ordering

*Safe, non toxic products people buy everyday

*Established over 20 years old established manufacturer

*Personal care, beauty cosmetics, household cleaning, nutritionals for family, babies, pets and the environment

*Generate 10-52% rebates every month from members purchases

*Endorsed By Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, MD and the Cancer Prevention Coalition

 Dear Organization,

 We represent a 20 year old privately owned manufacturing and distribution company that provides a simple fundraising effort which can generate income for your organization for years to come. Our fundraiser can be done once, but donations will continue every time products are reordered, eliminating the need for repeat events  

People buy and use these products everyday, necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, that are safe for your body and the environment. Now your group benefits every time someone uses these products. These products educate, raise environmental awareness and empower households to protect their families from household poisons by choosing safe alternatives.

 Neways, the company, is established in 40 countries worldwide and manufactures over 400 of the safest personal care, household and nutritional products in the world.  The products do not contain such harmful chemicals or carcinogens such as sodium lauryl (laureth) sulfate, aluminum, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, fluoride, cococamide DEA, TEA, phthalates, talc, petroleum products, including mineral oil, lanolin, talc and more.  Our products are not animal tested. Neways products are high quality, using the safest and most advanced technology.They actually do what they say they will.  

The products are purchased at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer via phone, internet or fax. While the US market is much more aware of some of the toxic ingredients listed above and more open to searching them in retail stores, the company has succeeded on it's "word of mouth" marketing and has grown to almost 1 billion in sales. 

Neways divides orders for you and ships them in separate boxes, which can be delivered directly to the individuals’ home or group. Members can simply order online, fax in their order, making ordering very easy.  Rebates from 10% to 52% can come automatically to your organization every month. 

It’s as simple as “Sign Up For Free” as A Preferred customer or  FREE as a Distributor with “additional benefits*. This is a win- win situation for everyone members and organization alike. I would be happy to share samples of the products and meet with you personally.


                                                                                    Shelley R. Kramer, Consumer Product Advocate


310 457 5176-- 888 377 8877

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