How it works

  • Just 2 easy steps!

  • No order input!

  • No dividing orders!

  • No distributing orders at school!

  • No work for the teachers!

  • Products parents already have to buy!

Neways delivers to the school the packet that is to go home with each student.

1st Step: A school sends home the product information packet and ordering forms.

2nd Step:  A school faxes in all paper orders returned to the school via toll free 1(800) #. Receipt of all faxed orders can be verified on the schoolís Neways web site.

Some parents may opt to order directly via phone, fax, or internet and the school need do nothing in this case. However, the school can see who is ordering direct via phone, fax, or internet along with the totals of each order. The school will also be able to view the contributions they will earn every month via the web site.

Products are received direct to parentís doors within 5 to 7 days.

In just 2 easy steps, the school can conduct a fundraiser that will continue and grow resulting in monthly contribution checks.

View the product catalog right online here