Resources for Information on Chemicals in Products-Testimonies

Quote from Safe Shoppers Bible, (written by Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, M.D.) "Not a single cosmetic company warns consumers of the presence of carcinogens in its products - despite the fact that several common cosmetic ingredients or their contaminants are carcinogenic themselves or are carcinogenic precursors. Consumers have an inalienable right to know what ingredients are in products they use daily, and to be certain that chemicals posing chronic health risks will be phased out when alternatives are available.  I have reviewed the Neways products, and confirm their safety and absence of any carcinogenic ingredients or contaminants and deem them one of the safest personal care product lines in the world." Samuel S. Epstein, MD, Professor emeritus, Environmental and Occupational Health, University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health; and Chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition.  

In 1997, in the Boston Globe, Senator Edward Kennedy reported that the GAC had reported and identified more than 125 known carcinogens in our daily used personal care products.   
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