New Study Shows Toothpaste May Cause Canker Sores

(NU) - Could your toothpaste be making your mouth sore? A recent study conducted at the University of Oslo in Norway indicates that if you're prone to recurrent aphthous ulcers, or canker sores, an ingredient in most toothpastes might be making the condition worse.

The culprit, researchers suggest, could be sodium lauryl sulfate, a standard detergent agent in toothpaste. The three-month study demonstrated a 71.3 percent reduction in recurrent canker sores in patients who used a toothpaste containing no SLS.

Although the University of Oslo scientists recommended further study, experts suggest that people who suffer from canker sores may find relief in a SLS-free toothpaste, such as Neways Natural Toothpaste, and Neways new Ultrashine Radiance toothpaste.

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