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2005 Campaign: Cancer Can Be Prevented!
Stop Cancer Before it Starts Campaign

According to the Cancer Establishment, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men contract Cancer in their lifetimes.  It is stated that 1 in four of us will die from the disease.  To make matters worse, it is predicted that by the year 2030, these numbers will double!!!  On any given day, no less than 1600 Americans die from Cancer.  

I lost my Mom at age 56, (she worked for Revlon cosmetics for 15 years putting chemicals on women). I have had cancer myself, recently lost an aunt, a close friend, and a former coworker to the disease.  I am very angry about these losses because I know that they were senseless.  We need to educate ourselves and avoid the toxins that we are exposed to everyday.  

We can prevent cancer.  I am not talking about secondary prevention, like self exams, checkups and mammograms (which actually CAUSE cancer), I mean, never getting a lump to have to find.  Let's work together!!  We can make a difference!!!

Look around, things are already starting to change!!!  There are more and more health food stores, more health publications, more organic items in your supermarkets.  It is wonderful!!!  It can also be confusing!!  This is where I can help.  I can help you to learn to read labels and to be aware of hidden ingredients.  I can teach you to find valid research studies.  I have been forced to learn all of these things because of my own life's experiences with cancer in my family.  I would not be a very good person if I didn't pass this information on to others.  My main motivation is that every educated person becomes an ally in our fight to make our lives better.

I have not found another organization that is as dedicated to Cancer Prevention as the Cancer Prevention Coalition.   In fact, I was so impressed with Dr. Epstein, his research and the work of the CPC, that I have requested a chapter be opened here in Los Angeles, CA.  Because of that, I am now the Local Office Director for  the CPC Los Angeles chapter.  I think this is about the greatest thing that I have done.  We all need the information that the CPC provides if we want to stay healthy.  

The CPC is  non-profit.  It is run by volunteers.  We provide awareness of avoidable risks of harmful ingredient information to people on a volunteer basis.  If you or your group would like for me to speak regarding this topic, simply
contact me.

The website for the CPC is / Spend as much time as you can exploring this site.  Dr. Samuel Epstein is an amazing man.  I have  met him in person,  heard interviews with him and have been on conference calls with him. He really knows his stuff.  If you are interested in joining the CPC or in making a donation that will truly make a difference,

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