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From Healthdoc, News Feed, 2008
Ozone has been all mixed up by the media!  Ozone is GOOD for us!  ozone is created by lightning, wave action, many functions of nature.  It's purpose is to clean the air.  One of the hydrogens splits off the O3 leaving O2 and goes and combines with something else in the air like dust, or other free radicals which then settles out to the ground.  Greasy hair is dirtier so of course more ozone would combine with the grease and dirt to help clean it up!  Ozone is OK in your lungs too.  Just don't get it too concentrated.  If you're a smoker for instance, the ozone will combine with all the garbage in your brochial tubes and lungs and then your body will need to go to work getting it out thus creating increased "symptoms" which is the cleansing reaction as the body trys to get well by getting rid of toxins.  An "Ozone Action Day" is false terminology!  What they really mean is the ozone is too low to clean the air naturally so we will have a high "SMOG" day (but that's not politcally correct so they say "ozone action day" instead).  That's why the hole in the ozone is a problem.  It allows more toxic stuff into our environment.  If ozone was sooooo bad for us, don't you think they would ban ozone generators that clean the air in our homes and offices?
People who read this board should know better than to dismiss things just because the establishment claims that they are dangerous or ineffective. The problem with smog is most likely not the ozone but all the other dangerous gases. It has just been more convenient to blame a natural substance than the exhaust fumes from cars.

Just do a search for “OZONE THERAPY” and you will find an abundance of links about how ozone could be used as a therapy, even intravenously (!)

The theory behind the use of ozone for therapeutic purposes is that all higher cells are aerobic and can survive in an oxygen rich atmosphere. The cell membrane is coated with antioxidants that protect the cell. Lower life forms such a virus, cancer cells and many bacteria are anaerobic and die if exposed to oxygen.

If invaded or damaged, the body creates pro-oxidant free radicals (e.g. hydrogen peroxide) as one of its main defense to kill the invaders. Many conventional cancer therapies are pro-oxidants that use the same mechanism to kill the cancer cells. Ozone is just a very aggressive free radical that will oxidize (“burn”) away dead cells, bacteria, cancer cells and other debris inside the body.

If the normal cells in the body are nourished with antioxidants they will be protected and the ozone therapy will be harmless.

The negative reactions reported by people who are exposed to ozone are caused by side effects from the strong purging reaction inside the body. If a normal (unhealthy) adult is exposed to ozone, the gas will enter the bloodstream and react with debris, dead cells, bacteria, and proto-cancer cells and kill these cells. The result is that the level of dead toxic residues in the bloodstream goes up, which puts the liver and kidneys under a lot of extra strain. The body reacts with fatigue and headache while it is purging the unwanted substances.

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