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Paul Luciano

                  Massage Therapist, Public Health Educator and Consumer Product Advocate

Servicing ALL Of Southern California    

 Available 7 Days/Evenings too


USA Massage


Massage by Paul-Luciano

                        (323) 514-2779 Cellular                        


        Swedish, Pressure Points, Deep Tissue,

        Shiatsu, Foot/Hand/Face Reflexology,

   Walking On Backs


     Certified, Professional, Trained, Legitimate, Therapeutic Massage Therapist With Over 5 Years Of Experience 4 M/W/Cpls & Proudly Servicing LA, Orange & Ventura Counties, also   

Culver City,  [Sepulveda Blvd & Venice Blvd] and Can Travel Anywhere!



Regular RATES listed by City Abbreviations:

[Bh/Cc/CCty/Dwntn/ElSeg/La/Lax/Hlwd/Mdr/Sm/Ven/Wh//WLa]:  $75/hr, $105/1.5 hrs
[Cars/Dny/HCty/Lb/Lkwd/Mal/Mtb/Pp/Pr/SBay/SigHl/SlBch/Sp/Tor/WCov/Whi]:  $95/hr, $125/1.5 hrs
[Brb/Cal/Chats/Enc/Ghls/Gln/Nh/Nor/Shoks/StuCty/Tarz/Tolk/Vn/Whls]:  $95/hr, $125/1.5 hrs
[Alh/Arc/Duar/Glndra/HacHts/LaCan/Mon/Mpk/Pas/SGab/SMad/Spas/Tuj]:  $95/hr, $125/1.5 hrs
$125/hr, $155/1.5 hrs
[N Oc]:  $125/hr, $155/1.5 hrs  [S Oc]:  $145/hr, $175/1.5 hrs  [Ventura Cty]:  $125/hr, $155/1.5 hrs 

Hotel/Motel RATES listed by City Abbreviations:

[Bh/Cc/CCty/Dwntn/ElSeg/La/Lax/Hlwd/Mdr/Sm/Ven/Wh//WLa]:  $100/hr, $130/1.5 hrs
[Cars/Dny/HCty/Lb/Lkwd/Mal/Mtb/Pp/Pr/SBay/SigHl/SlBch/Sp/Tor/WCov/Whi]:  $120/hr, $150/1.5 hrs
[Brb/Cal/Chats/Enc/Ghls/Gln/Nh/Nor/Shoks/StuCty/Tarz/Tolk/Vn/Whls]:  $120/hr, $150/1.5 hrs
[Alh/Arc/Duar/Glndra/HacHts/LaCan/Mon/Mpk/Pas/SGab/SMad/Spas/Tuj]:  $120/hr, $150/1.5 hrs
$150/hr, $180/1.5 hrs
[N Oc]:  $150/hr, $180/1.5 hrs  [S Oc]:  $170/hr, $225/1.5 hrs  [Ventura Cty]:  $150/hr, $180/1.5 hrs


NOTE:  Credit Cards Are Accepted With An Added 25% Service Charge For The Use Through The Company That I Work For!

Member of the Cancer Prevention Coalition

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