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colognes and Dursban + food additives

Aggressive Student Behavior linked to Colognes
While a teacher of high school students with aggressive/violent behavior problems I noticed a fascinating pattern. One student of mine (we'll call
him John) would show wide variations in behavior from one day to the next.
Some days John would come in as extremely agitated and confrontational, while other days just his usual mildly grumpy self. After observing these major mood/personality swings I noticed an interesting pattern - On the days of his violent outburts, he would always be wearing strong cologne. After doing some investigation into this matter, I found that colognes often contain over 30-40 different petroleum based chemicals. Gone are the days when colognes were made of wood oils etc. - that is just not as profitable as the artificial chemicals. In fact, I came across research showing that even colognes and perfumes today contain the documented neurotoxic chemical known as 2,6, di-nitro 3 methoxy 4-tert butyltoluene (a fixative added to make it evaporate slower). To make a long story short, after showing his
parents this research and convincing them to stop his cologne overdose addiction, John's behavior improved dramatically and allowed him to actually finish an entire school day on a regular basis. This is just one local case,
but obviously this problem is affecting thousands of unsuspecting children and families and the answer is right under their nose. For research documentation on the neurotoxic nature of cologne and perfume chemicals, you
can see the research for yourself at - the journal articles are Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, 75:571-575, 1984 and Neurotoxicology 1:221-231, 1979. Get ready to be as surprised as I was.
Vero Beach, FL USA -

Everyday food additives & ADHD Parents have noticed this, teachers report it, research supports it--certain
foods trigger behavior, attention and learning problems in children. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently reviewed the literature and reported that this problem with food additives is being minimized--that
is, industry and government agencies say (with no studies to support this) that food additives affect "only 5% of the children diagnosed with ADHD."
The Feingold Association of the U.S., a non-profit organization, disagrees. They have been assisting families in trying a low-additive, low salicylate diet for ADD and other attention, learning and health problems, for over 25
year. They see a success rate closer to 75%. For more information on the research and the cover-up see Diet, ADHD and Behavior at Choosing "symptoms" or "research" at will give you links to published journal articles in PubMed. The Feingold Association publishes a list of foods that do not contain any of the more troublesome food chemicals, among them, artificial
colors and flavors and 3 preservatives.
San Jose, CA USA -

Improper use of Dursban granules
A fellow employee laced a check in booth with Dursban on the inside and all the way around the 4x8 booth. The next day when myself and 2 other employees opened the booth it reeked of the pesticide. My female co-worker started to sweep it out. This of course caused a dust and made it airborne. We did not know what would happen if this happened. Since it still reeked in the booth
we tried to flush it out. But the other employee had put so much in; that we weren't gaining much. About 5 or 6 hours had passed and the other employee started feeling sick. Seemed we all did about the same time. Myself was with a slight burning to my lips, numbness to the throat, and hard to breath. The lady got a rash, her eyes swelled up, and she too had a hard time breathing.
The other male there is asthmatic and was getting pain and have a hard time breathing. We all finally ended up in a Emergency Room of our choice. My blood pressure was 188/111. The doctor called Poison Control and they took my shoes and socks off and threw them into a Hazardous Waste bag and that was the end of them. We all will be ok I believe. I had chest x-rays, needed
about 2 hours of oxygen to clear up the hard breathing. According to the Control Center the air borne materials attach and enter all items that are plastic or leather. One should remember that. They also took my belt and a
pouch that I use to hold my pens. The pens too went the way of Hazardous Waste. But no one near our job will say that this chemical is dangerous. And that is including the Airport personnel where I work. They use some sort of MS standard and it says that Spectricide "Dursban" can't hurt you. But the bag says to keep off your clothes and body. Do not use near fish, birds, or wildlife. I consider a human to be Wildlife. We are of the Animal category.
Tucson, AZ USA -

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