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My name is Shelley Marks-Kramer and I have been successfully self-employed, starting and running several of my own businesses for more than 39 years. I hold several college degrees,  years of hands on experience and  certifications in nutritional consulting and memberships in many  health and wellness organizations and associations in  many related  fields. I am constantly attending meetings on wellness and learning every day. As a cancer survivor I am passionate about helping others with their health as informed product consumers. I have been researching why there is so much cancer in our world for over 29 years, ever since my Mom died of cancer at age 56 after working for Revlon Cosmetics as a beauty consultant for 20 years.

I am currently active and involved as a Public Health  and Cancer Prevention Educator, and Consultant in Environmental Health, Nutrition, Personal and Beauty Care.  I am the Los Angeles, CA, local office director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition. I was formerly on the District Advisory Committee for Health and Safety for the Santa Monica-Malibu School District, and worked with the CA State Dept of Health Skin Cancer Prevention Program.

We educate the public with seminars and scientific literature on information on awareness of avoidable risks of the chemicals and questionable ingredients in their everyday personal hygiene and beauty products and their Right to Know what they are putting in and on their bodies. You have the Right to Know about the safe, effective, alternative products available to you, and then will be able to make safe, logical decisions and choices. 

I hope you find the information contained within my web exciting, interesting, shocking, scientifically truthful, factually based, intriguing, and would like to participate in sharing this information with the world.

Here is a short presentation about what I have learned about the personal care products we use

"Shelley is a vibrant, high energy, free spirit with a zest for life that is contagious. Her passion is to install the joy of living a healthy life into those she meets and to awaken within people their full potential to help others share the benefits of a successful business."

 I have been on the cancer research, cure and prevention bandwagon since 1974, when I  first found out I had a tumor in my upper lip and a Basal Cell Tumor was removed (1/4" cut out).

 I lost my mom to cancer in 1982, when she was just 56 years young.  She had worked for Revlon  cosmetics for 20 years, putting chemicals on women and men across the US. She was "Miss Shirley Marks from the House of Revlon."

I have had  many actinic keratosis cancers removed from my face, chest, back, arms. I had a  deep and large 5 cm basal cell tumor (1998) removed from my lower right eyelid (deep inside). The doctor removed 75% of my eyelid, and he had to rebuild it with 30 stitches from skin pulled from the side of my face (where I have no wrinkles). I had another tumor removed from under my left eye a year later (1999). A squamous cell tumor was biopsied from the right side of my nose in 2000. I did not have surgery, used alternatives.

My hormones were out of balance also and the doctors had me on prescription medication for thyroid. I stopped the artificial hormone and was finally able to get pregnant and hold my baby until 6 months (when he arrived 3 months early). They wanted to put me on hormone replacement when I started menopause. I said no to that immediately and I researched alternative hormone help, and found healthy products that really work for me.

 I found a company that manufactures safety conscious personal care and beauty cosmetics, and my skin feels and looks great.

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