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Right to Know

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Physicians for Social Responsibility 

May, 2001 in Boston today stated that so called EVERYDAY household chemicals contribute to mental damage to kids, damage developing brains, lower IQ and ADD.

These chemicals include everything from gasoline to pesticides to personal hygiene and beauty products..

That the preponderance of chemicals have NEVER been tested and are being tested on the public without regard to their dangers. 

Of the 80,000 known chemicals in use, only 12,000 have been tested. We blindly OPERATED under the assumption of the chemicals being innocent (Safe) until proven guilty (dangerous).

The EPA stated that we do not know enough of the dangers of the chemicals. There is a voluntary evaluation which will cost chemical companies 500
million and due to be completed by 2004.

Even if the the chemical has been proven to be harmful, it could take years to get it out of the environment.

"If having endured much, we at last asserted our 'right to know' and if, knowing, we have concluded that we are being asked to take senseless and frightening risks, then we should no longer accept the counsel of those who tell us that we must fill our world with poisonous chemicals, we should look around and see what other course is open to us."
Rachel Carson

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