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February 20, 2003



(1) Request from Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) for GAO Investigation,
                                14 Feb 2003
                      (2) Statement from Representative John Conyers, Jr., 19 Feb 2003
                      (3) Media Advisory for Thursday, February 20, 2003

      Top Scientists Explain How to Win the Losing War Against Cancer
                            (4) Environmental Media Service, Press Release, 20 Feb 2003

Dear Representatives,

We expect to loose more than one American every minute to chemical and biological terrorism within our own borders every day. We lost approximately 1,643 Americans yesterday. In the next 24 hours we will loose another 1,643. We expect to loose even more tomorrow, and more the day after that, and everyday there after, until we stop doing the same thing we have been doing for the past 50 years. At the current growth rate, by the year 2030, everyone in America can expect to get cancer in their life time.  Over a half a million Americans will prematurely die this year alone. This is more than we have lost in the last 100 years of wars combined.

Contrary to what you and I are told, cancer is highly preventable. That makes the current status quo, totally unacceptable. Drastic reduction of cancer in our state will pay for many school and health programs, not to address the inhuman and ethical issues.

I ask your assistance and support in implementing a cancer prevention program in Oklahoma. I ask that this subject be place on the state agenda as one of the highest priorities. Funding, and searching for the holy grail or silver bullet research that will put an end to this killer has provided nothing but empty promises. The cure rates are hardly any better than what they were 50 years ago. Cure rates in America are still about 7%, while other countries yield over 80%.  Cancer rates have increased in proportion to the funding of our programs. We do not need more money, we need a State and National Health Program & Legislation that will protect us from contracting cancer. The cause of cancers is well documented. Radiation, and environmental toxins and carcinogenic chemicals cause cancer.

A document was recently released in Washington D.C. by Dr. Samuel Epstein MD, and many other renounce scientist and professionals. The documents study is entitled:  STOP CANCER BEFORE IT STARTS CAMPAIGN, which indicts our National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society for what I call criminal actions. The document can be found at  .  In addition, note some of the attached responses from Federal Representatives, which calls for Federal inquiries concerning the doctoring of cancer statistics, conflicts of interest, prevention being met with hostilities, misrepresentation, and compromises that can be equated with the premature loss of American’s lives.

Dan Langston, Oklahoma Chapter Director of Cancer Prevention Coalition 


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