Subj: CPC Press Release -August, 2002


Letter to Editors Regarding HRT Theraphy

Dear Editor:

We feel the news last month (July 9) concerning the unreasonable risk and
dangers of using mammograms and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was so monumental, people should be shouting from the roof tops.

The truth about hormone therapy will now save many women's lives. We should be talking about this in every newspaper and talk show for weeks. But I have neither seen, heard, or read about it with exception to Paul Harvey
addressing the risk of mammograms, and the CNN, NBC, and ABC news addressing the government report and dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy. I suspect the mainstream medical profession will read about it in JAMA, six months to a year from now.

Nevertheless, this report means fewer hormones will be sold. I can imagine
the companies that are hired to keep thousands of horses pregnant, so they
can harvest the hormones from the urine are probably crying the blues. I
suspect Estrogen stock holders and medical chemical industries are also
crying the blues. Hormones are one of the most common prescribed drugs in
the world. This is a drug millions of women are taking every year. This and
other blatantly obvious cancer prevention information will however, gain the
attention of many lawyers in a timely manner, if they are awake.

I am sure your readers will appreciate more information concerning how to
decrease the cancer cases in their city and how to protect themselves. It
would be a great community service to inform the readers of the specifics
concerning this HRT study, and other prevention issues, on a continuous
basis. Women are always talking about breast cancer and there are thousands
of people signing up to fund chemical industry researchers, find the silver
bullet or the promise of smart drugs that will cure cancer and other
diseases. Ada just collected and sent more than $100,000 out of town for
such research to drug companies.

Oh, some may have gone for other crumbs on the table such as for wigs or
mileage to get a thousand dollar dose of something. Surely, the public would
also want to know more about what causes cancer or how to avoid the agents that cause cancer. Cancer Prevention Coalition offers the information free of charge.

Remember, cancer is over a 300 billion dollar business per year. If they
find the cure today they will call everyone up and tell them not to show up
for work tomorrow .... Right! Congress was led to believe that if we (the
government) funded researchers and waged the War on Cancer, the disease would be cured within about five years. Forty years later, we parade around the 6 to 9 percent of the people who survived the radiation or chemotherapy, which is sometimes made of war surplus or waste chemicals. We need to talk to the other 90 plus percent that are not with us today. The best approach to surviving this paradox is to learn how to avoid cancer tumor growths. Cancer does not just happen. There are reasons it grows out of control. It is greatly avoidable, and can still be a rare disease.

The fact is that in 1900, about one in 1,000 had cancer. Cancer was still a
rare disease in 1940. Now (some 60 years later), more than half of the
population is getting this chronic organic disease called cancer. In the
last five years some cancer rates have increased more than 300 percent. At
the current growth rate, by 2030, everyone in America can expect to contract
cancer in their lifetime. We are now in an epidemic. The cancer survival
rate with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, is still below 10 percent in
this country. This is hardly any better than when we started 40 years ago.
It is also strange to know that the survival rates are over 85 percent in
some clinics outside the U.S. Why?

It is time to quit playing games, ignoring the facts, get informed, quit
placing all our health responsibilities in the hands of someone else or
expecting a vaccination or pill that will cure everything. Being the best
entertained and the least informed people among the industrialized nations
is and will really cost us and our family members in more ways than one. We
know more than 90 percent of all cancers are caused from chemical or
radiation exposures, not bad genetics.

Stopping the exposures to carcinogens and providing nutritional agents that
combat formation of tumor masses is the only real alternative for anyone
with a good grasp of the obvious.

 For more Information on avoiding carcinogens and harmful chemicals visit


Shelley R. Kramer, Local Office Director of the Cancer Prevention Coalition for Los Angeles, CA.