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Neways NEW Prothin Weight Management System is now available.

Neways is pleased to introduce the latest in weight management research.

This 3 product in 1 system has been in testing for over 6 months.  The weight loss results have been incredible.
I personally put 2 test subjects on the product and in 30 days one lost 9 pounds and the other 17 pounds.

In each system you receive:

Step 1.  Pre-Meal Tablet

-Promotes lasting feelings of fullness prior to meals.
-Helps reduce absorption of some excess fat and carbohydrates.
-Helps the body alleviate some of the negative effects of high-calorie diets.
-Effervescent formula delivers active ingredients quickly prior to meals.

Step 2.  Meal Replacement

-Contains 17-18g protein, 13-14g carbohydrate, and 5-6g dietary fiber at 150 calories.
-Provides balanced nutrients to help promote a healthy weight control program.
-Delicious vanilla and dark chocolate flavors.
-Helps reduce daily caloric intake when used as a meal replacement.

Step 3.  Thermogenic Blend

-Supports your body’s natural thermogenic function.
-Helps improve body composition.
-Supports your body against mental and physical stress.

Together these 3 products allow people to safely and effectively shed pounds.

These results are sure to create a wave of growth for you and your organization and sizable check increases.

Item #                                                                                    wholesale         retail

4555 Prothin Weight Management System Chocolate               $169.60            $219.95
4556 Prothin Weight Management System Vanilla                    $169.60            $219.95
4557 Prothin Weight Management System Chocolate/Vanilla    $169.90            $219.95
Each system has 2 bottles of meal replacement mix

It is also available on ICN for Canada.

Neways order entry 1-800-998-7232

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