Time Management

For you to produce more results you must focus your time on revenue
producing activity.

This means Prospecting.  Achieving results means Prospecting all the

At least 80% of your time should be spent Prospecting and attracting new
distributors, not shuffling papers, reading books, listening to tapes, gossiping,
procrastinating, getting ready to get ready, and a multitude of other excuses people use to divert
their attention from the very physical activity that will pay them.

Do the right tasks inefficiently and your business will survive.  Do the wrong tasks efficiently and you will go broke.  Take the right action efficiently and some day you will be set for life.

by: E. Combs

Here is your ice breaker sorting prospecting question:

If I could show you how to turn a small investment in your health into
$500 - $1,000k a week income in the next 180 days would you be

Then get the 'Yes's' the info.  Ex. DVD, Conf Call, Just Imagine, CD,

Wishing you continued success, Shelley Kramer

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