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Soft Blend™ Technology for True Touch Cosmetics:
Expert Performance for a Flawless Finish

You’ll love the feel of True Touch. It feels like you’re not wearing makeup at all. Through Soft Blend™ Technology, we delicately blend each cosmetic for a wonderfully touchable, light application that is almost weightless and camouflages the effects of aging. You get a flawless look and these benefits:

  • Blendability. Elegantly engineered polymers provide a velvety feel with improved coverage and uniformity.

  • Long-Lasting Color with Light Diffusion. Amino acids and natural mineral pigments shimmer with pearlescence for longer-lasting color and high-tech light diffusion, making you look more youthful in appearance.

  • Skin Health. Natural moisture compounds and fatty acids condition and soothe skin.

  • Safe and Effective

    True Touch is true to you and true to our ideals, featuring clean formulas that meet Neways' standards of excellence with safe and effective ingredients that adhere to our ambitious product philosophy. True Touch Cosmetics are—

    • Safety tested and dermatologist approved

    • Free of potentially controversial ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, kaolin, bentonite, mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens and phthalates

    • Free of fragrance

    • Created without animal testing

    • Safety-conscious formulas appropriate for most skin types

    Safe and Effective

Scientific Advisory Board Statement on True Touch™ Color Cosmetics

In creating True Touch Color Cosmetics, Neways has significantly enhanced the performance of each product class, while actually improving compliance with Neways' strict ingredient philosophy.  Take a look at the  Science  Advisory Board for Neways Internationall endorses the scientific principles used to develop the True Touch line of color cosmetics. All True Touch cosmetic products have been carefully tested to prove that they are non-sensitizing and suitable for use. Once again, Neways has innovated a mixture of selectively-chosen science and time-tested natural components to create products that are unique in formulation and safe for use by customers.

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True Touch™ Satin LipstickSelection of Lipstick colors, lip gloss, lip pencil colors:

True Touch™ Defining Eye Shadow DuosSelection of Eyeshadows, Eyeliner, Mascara Colors

Selection of Complexion colors

Enhance the look, feel, and health of your skin with True Touch complexion products. The True Touch primer, concealer, and foundation options leave your face youthful and radiant with skin-beneficial ingredients. From sheer to full coverage with matte to dewy finishes, True Touch offers ultra-smooth application for a flawless complexion. This is makeup that enriches your natural beauty without controversial ingredients.

Selection of Foundation and Blush Colors:

 Add youthful, radiant color to cheeks with True Touch cosmetics. With excellent blendability and light-diffusing elements in five natural-looking shades, True Touch Radiant Blush accentuates your personal inner glow. This is makeup that enriches your natural beauty without controversial ingredients

Helpful Makeup Application Tips

Neways Signature Looks

  • To enhance the wear of your eyeliner, lightly dust over lined area with a similar color eye shadow using an angled brush.

  • To create a timeless look, go for dramatic eyes or lips, but not both.

  • Apply Foundation Primer to eyelids prior to applying eye shadow to help beautify and extend color.

  • Finding the correct foundation is most important. After that, warm or cool doesn’t matter. Just don’t blend warm and cool colors in the same makeup application.

  • Try applying concealer under eyes after applying foundation, and blend well

  • Remember: light brings forward, dark takes back.

  • Shading creates illusion in evening makeup, optimizing features.

  • Blending is very important in creating a natural appearance. Blending is effortless with True Touch.

  • Always use concealer to help disguise imperfections or dark undereye circles.

  • Contouring is using a darker shade of foundation, blusher, brunette brow liner or concealer to help correct, contour, or define the shape of the face, nose, eyes, and cheekbones.

  • Highlighting is using a lighter shade of eye shadow, blusher, or concealer to enhance and bring forward cheeks, eyes, and browbone area.

Helpful Makeup Application Tips - Playful Look


  • Defining Eye Shadow Duo–Antique Pink

    • Antique Pink Dark on outer upper lid

    • Antique Pink Light all over lid

  • Contouring Eyeliner–Charcoal on upper and lower lash line

  • Lengthening Mascara–Black


  • Moisturizing Foundation–Natural

  • Hydrating Cream to Powder–Beige


  • Radiant Blush–Pink Parfait


  • Precision Lip Liner–Pretty

  • Satin Lipstick–Sassy Pink

 Holiday Look


  • Defining Eye Shadow Duo–Tundra

    • Tundra Light from crease to brow bone

    • Tundra Dark from lash line to crease and under eye at lower lash line

  • Lengthening Mascara–Black on upper and lower lashes

  • Contouring Eyeliner–Chocolate at upper and lower lash line


  • Moisturizing Cream to Powder–Sandy Beige


  • Radiant Blush–Apricot Glow


  • Precision Lip Liner–Pretty

  • Satin Lipstick–Nude Beige

 Natural Look


  • Papyrus Defining Eye Shadow Duo–Papyrus Dark (along lash line)

  • Neutral Ground Eye Shadow Duo–Neutral Ground Light (highlighter color used from the crease to the brow bone)

  • Lengthening Mascara–Black


  • Luminous Mineral Foundation–Light


  • Radiant Blush–Bashful Pink


  • Satin Lipstick–Spice over Precision Lip Liner–Pretty

Sophisticated Look


  • Defining Eye Shadow Duo–Summer

    • Summer Dark from upper lash line to crease

    • Summer Light from crease to brow bone

    • Summer Dark along lower lash line

  • Lengthening Mascara–Black on upper lashes only


  • Luminous Mineral

  • Foundation–Light


  • Radiant Blush–Apricot Glow


  • Precision Lip Liner–Pretty

  • Satin Lipstick–Mango Glow

  • Shiny Lipgloss–Nectar

About Brushes

Applicators are included with each True Touch cosmetic product; however:

  • Getting a good brush set is very important

  • For Loose Powders/Mineral Foundations—

    • Use a large soft/bushy bristled brush with slightly flat top for gentle all-over application.

  • For Lips—

    • Use a standard small flat brush with pointed tip

  • For Blush—

    • Use a medium, soft-bristled, rounded-end brush for overall color and highlight color.

    • Use same brush at a slight angle for contouring cheek hollow

  • For Eye Shadow—

    • Use a small, soft-bristled, flat brush with slightly rounded edges for all-over color and highlight color.

    • Use a smaller, soft-bristled, more pointed, round-tip brush for crease colors and for lower lash line.

  • For Brows—

    • Use an angled, flat brush with short stiff bristles.

    • Optional mascara wand is great for brushing up hairs for a fresh look.

    Solving Beauty Issues


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